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Books by Geoffrey Hodson: a few highlights currently available

Clairvoyant Investigations

A sort of summary of Geoffrey Hodson's teachings. Instead of just noting what he saw, in this book you will also find great illustrations and proper organization.

In other words: the book to start with if you want to get to know his work.

Published after Hodson's death, including an introduction by one of the better theosophical teachers today: Joy Mills.

Kingdom of the Gods

Based on his own clairvoyant observations, Hodson argues for a polytheism that is monotheistic at it's heart. Or perhaps I should say: a belief in many conscious forces in nature, but in the end one underlying consciousness that unites it all.

Probably one of his most philosophical and metaphysical of books.

Illustrated by Ethelwynne M. Quail.

Fairies at Work and Play

A customer at Amazon writes:

This book is really a useful little handbook for anyone wanting insight into the deva realm. Fairies, gnomes, undines, sylphs and other nature spirits are described here in a convincing manner from actual attunement. This work of clairvoyant observation by the author led to his later work including the well-known "The Kingdom of the Gods" which is now a classic in this field.

The carefully recorded observations by the author were all done in England in the early 1920s. There is homeliness about the way these stories are related. The author was deeply committed to learning about the ways of the small creatures. As far as freshness and authentic, clear observation I rate this small book alongside Dora van Gelder's very similar book written also in the 1920s. There are many books on nature spirits but few better than this for detail and understanding. I just wish it had colour pictures like "Kingdom of the Gods", as maybe then more folks would have found this book to appreciate it as I have.

Brotherhood of Angels and Of Men

From Amazon:

A professed clairvoyant, Geoffrey Hodson believes the existence of angels to be real and tangible beings. The information contained in this volume was clairvoyantly received daily during a holiday visit to a remote English valley, and the author has given here the first part of teachings which continue whenever he can escape from his work in London to the peace and quiet to which are essential for their reception.

Call to the Heights - On the spiritual path

Geoffrey Hodson's invitation to the spiritual path. Meant for those who are tired of the ordinary life of selfish pursuits: this book describes the theosophical ideals Hodson embodied according to his admirers.

The language is lofty. The ideals, for a person in this world, may seem too idealistic. But the vistas opened are truly inspiring.

At the Sign of the Square and Compass

Like many theosophists of his time: Geoffrey Hodson wasn't only an occultist. Nor was he merely a Liberal Catholic Priest. He was also a Freemason. In this book he shares his ideas about the underlying meaning of their symbolism.


The Call to the Heights, T.P.H. Quest. 1976.

Destiny,  T.P.H. 1936.

First Steps on the Path, T.P.H. 1928.

The Inner Side of Church Worship, T.P.H. 1930.

Meditations on the Occult Life, T.P.H. 1968.

The Pathway to Perfection, T.P.H. 1973.

The Path to the Masters of the Wisdom *  The T.S. in New Zealand 1980, 20 pages.

The Priestly Ideal, The St. Alban Press, 1971.

The Soul’s Awakening, (Talks on Occultism and The Occult Life) 2nd revised edn. T.P.H. 1963.

The Spiritual Significance of Motherhood*.

Thus Have I Heard,  T.P.H. 1929.

A Yoga of Light,* T.P.H. 1954, A  simple structured form of yoga said to be suitable for Westerners – inspired by  Sri Ramana Maharshi. 29 pages.

Krishnamurti and the Search for Light,* St Alban Press, circa 1939. 61 pages. A gentle rebuttal of  J. Krisnamurti’s iconoclastic teachings, but with an acknowledgement of some of his positive insights.


American LecturesTheosophical Press, Wheaton, Ill., 1929

Clairvoyance and the Serpent Fire,* T.S. in America (undated) 12 pages.

Clairvoyant Research and Life After Death,* T.P.H. 1935, 30 pages.

Man’s Supersensory and Spiritual Powers, T.P.H. 1964, talks given on Radio 2GB.

Music Forms, T.P.H. 1976. Contains coloured illustrations and descriptions of astral forms generated by musical compositions.

Occult Powers in Nature and in Man T.P.H. 1955.

The Science of Seership,  Rider, London 1933? A seminal book dealing with the occult anatomy of clairvoyance with examples of how the ability can be used in medical diagnosis, scientific research and far memories of historical events.

Some Experiments in Four Dimensional Vision, (with Alexander Horne) Rider, 1933.


Highlights of Theosophy,* International Theosophical Centre, Huizen, N. Holland, 1971.

Lecture Notes, The School of the Wisdom (Vols. I & II), T.P.H. 1955.

Basic Theosophy(A condensation of Lecture Notes above) T.P.H. 1981.

The Miracle of Birth, T.P.H. 1929. Clairvoyant observations during the nine months of pregnancy.

Reincarnation - Fact or Fallacy? T.P.H. Quest, 1972.

The Seven Human Temperaments, T.P.H. 1952.

Theosophy Answers Some Problems of Life, T.P.H. 1961.

Through the Gateway of Death (A message to the bereaved) T.P.H. 1953.

Vital Questions Answered, T.P.H. 1959.

Clairvoyant Investigations of Christian Origins and Ceremonial, The St Alban Press, 1977.

The Christ Life from Nativity to Ascension, T.P.H. Quest, 1975. The gospel story interpreted as profound spiritual allegory and symbolism.

The Concealed Wisdom in World Mythology T.P.H. 1983. The spiritual allegories in the Greek myths that are missing from conventional interpretations.

The Hidden Wisdom in the Christian Scriptures* T.P.H. in America, 1956, 24pages.

The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible (Vols. I - IV)  T.P.H. 1963-1980 original hardcover, some repetition, no index.

The Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible (Vols. I-III) T.P.H. Quest, indexed.

Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible Vols I &II  T.P.H. Quest,1993,1994  a very efficient and readable abridgement, edited & indexed.

The Psychedelic and the Yogic Pathways to Reality* T.P.H., 1968.


At the Sign of the Square and Compasses Eastern Federation International Co-Freemasonry, Adyar, 1976

The Occult Philosophy Concealed within Freemasonry International Co-Freemasonry, New Zealand, 1985.


The Brotherhood of Angels and of Men T.P.H. 1927. Angelic and human cooperation – advice from the archangel Bethelda.

Be Ye Perfect  T.P.H. 1928 - angelic guidance on human education through occult psycho-social stages.

The Angelic Hosts T.P.H. 1928. More advice from the angels.

Man, the Triune God  T.P.H. 1952

Angels and the New Race T.P.H. 1929

The Coming of the Angels Rider, 1935

Fairies at Work and at Play T.P.H. 1925

The Kingdom of Faerie T.P.H. 1927

The Kingdom of the Gods  T.P.H. 1952 – incl. coloured illustrations of angels – a landmark in angelology.

The Supreme Splendour T.P.H. 1967 – A vision of Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis given by an archangel.

Clairvoyant Investigations T.P.H. Quest 1984 – incl. coloured illustrations of angels of New Zealand and music thought forms.


Health and the Spiritual Life* 1926, 31 pages.

An Occult View of Health and Disease* date of publication not known, 52 pages.

New Light on the Problem of Disease

Plant Foods, Their Nutrient Properties*

Radiant Health from a Meat-free Diet*

The Way to Perfect Health*


An Animals’ Bill of Rights*

Animals and Men, the Ideal Relationship*

Authentic Stories of Intelligence in Animals

The Case for Vegetarianism*

The Humanitarian Cause* Theosophical Order of Service, New Zealand, undated, 6 pages.

Our Friends the Animals*

The Case for the Abolition of Vivisection Auckland, undated, 1971, 25 pages.

UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT (in fairly wide circulation)

Aquarian Occultist,  biography written by  John K. Robertson D.D. from interviews with Mr. Hodson, 1971.

POSTHUMOUS PUBLICATIONS (compiled by Sandra Hodson)

Light of the Sanctuary - The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson The Theosophical Publishers, Manila, The Philippines, 1988

The Yogic Ascent to Spiritual Heights Stellar Books, Manila, The Philippines, 1991.

Illuminations of the Mystery Tradition T.P.H., Manila, Philippines, 1992.


Mr. Hodson wrote close to two hundred articles for various journals such as The Theosophist, Theosophy in New Zealand etc. Some of these have been incorporated into the contents of certain of his books, others stand alone as fascinating glimpses of a seer in his travels around the world e.g. Impressions of the Giant Sequoias World Theosophy, June 1932, Occult Research into Early American Inhabitants, The Theosophist, January 1932, Clairvoyant Observation of the Ceremonial Magic of the Aztecs, Theosophy in New Zealand, February 1957, An African Witch-Doctor, Theosophy in New Zealand, December 1955.


During his lifetime Mr. Frank Wilson of The Theosophical Society in Auckland, New Zealand made  a comprehensive collection of audio-cassette recordings of Mr. Hodson’s lectures including talking books of The Pathway to Perfection, The Supreme Splendour and The Yoga of Light.  It is understood that this collection has been sent from the New Zealand Section to The American Section of  The Theosophical Society, apparently for archival purposes. In addition, several National Sections of The Theosophical Society such as The Australian Section keep substantial numbers of Mr. Hodson's talks in their audio-tape libraries. If  you have difficulty locating this material please contact me at:


     Mr. Hodson's lectures were delivered in a more formal style than the conversational manner which has come into vogue of  recent times. He studied the speeches of Sir Winston Churchill and a certain similarity can be detected in his presentation. This was not only for the sake of dramatic impact, but also because in many places that he visited  facilities were not available for amplification, and he felt it to be a courtesy that his audience should be able to hear him properly. For the student of spiritual matters the power, compassion and sincerity in Mr. Hodson's voice supports the belief (not confirmed until after his death) that he was actually an advanced Initiate and therefore also spoke to some extent on behalf  of  The Inner Government of the World as one of their human mouthpieces to humanity

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