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Without spirituality, life has no meaning, no direction.

For me dogmas just don't work. I'm a spiritual person, but I don't really like the idea of anybody telling me what I have to believe.

Five Reasons Free Spirituality, Without Dogmas is the Best

  1. it's inspiring
  2. It's enlivening
  3. It calms
  4. It builds one up
  5. It makes life new

I asked my readers:

Are the differences between the religions important?

Here is what they said:

When people wage war, condemn others, feel the need to convince others to worship as they do, and all the other things that happen in the name of religion, the differences do matter. No matter how similar the core messages may be, if the difference means one side believes they are the only right ones and the other side is misguided (at best) or evil (at worst), it matters. I think people who talk about all religions really being the same are actually thinking of spirituality. Spirituality is inclusive and seeks truth wherever it may be found.
The differences are not important as long as each features mutual respect and tolerance, but you would be hard-pressed to get a Muslim or Christian to agree on this moral fact because both believe their religion is the only way to "salvation." Christians are so indoctrinated with their beliefs, they don't even refer to Christianity as a religion. This of course, is their way of distancing themselves from other religions. When asked, "if Christianity is not a religion then what is it?" The popular response is, "it's a way of life."
I believe the central message of all religions and spiritual practices is the same: love yourself and your fellow beings and do good, not harm. Different traditions and rituals can be beautiful, but our commonality as people is what's important.
In all religous experiences we seek to find the meaning of our own lives and our connectiveness to the universe.

Is spirituality without dogmas better than spirituality WITH dogmas?!

Here is what my readers said:

Dogma keeps us focus on what is Real versus our selfish ways of styles. Thus, we can find meaning and directions but not abuse its interpretations to control others in the name of God!You can not separate dogma and the principles of faith. It keeps us alert to the importance to what is truly Real---your personal connection the Lord.
The whole concept of dogma basically excludes spirituality, since it excludes growth and the fact that what may be right for one is definitely not right for others.
If there is dogma attached, it is no longer spiritual, it has become a religion. Dogma is about control and keeping people from thinking for themselves.
I love to belong to a spiritual group but all my efforts at finding a church have failed because of the dogmas. Now I simply acknowledge God everyday in my own very special way and I know he is ever beside me as my constant companion. (One church told me that until I am baptized in their church God would not and could not be my constant companion. To that I say crap. I feel his presence right beside me everyday).