Remembered by William Quinn

I questioned him about the meaning of awareness, and he said: " If you look into your minds, you will see it's like thousands of butterflies whirling about! You can hardly trace a single idea in this complexity. A way to bring clarity to the mind is to write down your immediate thoughts and feelings in response to the events of the day, and then ponder them. If you emphasize one particular problem in this writing, it will gradually lead to all others." Krishnamurti felt that a large part of our confusion is from repetitive thoughts, and they are repetitive because not completed. By thinking these through to the end they would no longer clamor in us, and the mind would be freer and mroe spacious, more "aware." Krishnamurti worked enormously hard for many years to clarify his own mind, and this work was part of the background that enable him to be a teacher.