True Confessions of an Internet Junky

Katinka Hesselink 2007

I've been online since 1989. I was active on a lot of egroups (now yahoogroups). I now make my living through online publishing and webdesign. Yet I have the following to confess:

  1. I do not read my e-mail daily.
  2. There are days I don't turn the computer on.
  3. Some weeks I don't check my e-mail at all. (in other words: call me if you have something urgent)
  4. I do keep my e-mailbox tidy. So when I do check my e-mail, chances are I will respond to yours. This may even be minutes after your mail. Just don't expect this to be a consistent pattern.
  5. I've been active on so many yahoogroups and online forums that even if you recognize my avatar or screen name, don't expect me to recognize you. I'm sorry: I'm very present on any forum I check out, but I don't remember everybody there. One of my failings as a middle school teacher was that I did not know half the kids names by January (they take that so personally - when I would know who they were friends with, how good they were at math and what type of personality they were).
  6. I check links to my website compulsively (every few months or so), so if you link to me - chances are I will remember you. 
  7. I don't have any chat program installed. That's right: I'm not on MSN, Yahoo-chat or whatever they are called. I actually want to be able to concentrate on what I'm doing. 
  8. I will often check out some new forum, e-mailgroup or online social network (like myspace), be very active for a while, and then split without warning after days, weeks, months or even years. Sorry about that, I just lost interest. If you miss me there, please subscribe to my newsletter
  9. If you are a stumbleupon friend of mine, don't count on that to last. I like to find new friends and since there is a limit to the amount of stumble-friends one can have, I may delete you from my friends list without warning. Please don't take this personally.

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