Be These
Be These

The best Christian Gifts and Presents for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays and more

Whether you want to give your loved one a book meant to help inspire and uplift based on the Bible, or a cross pendant. Whether it's an inspiring DVD or a beautiful calendar... I've found you a good many things to get you started.

Jesus and Love: religious and spiritual ideas for your Christian Husband or Boyfriend. What stands out in the Bible for me is the emphasis Jesus puts on Love. Love - very rightly - is claimed by Jesus to be the most precious and important of human emotions. You can be fearless and be showered with heavenly blessings if there is Love in your heart.

Jesus showed us a way that is simple, yet it isn't followed by many individuals. Let's try and be innocent and full of love again. Hope you will like these religious and spiritual gifts for Christian men, women and children showcased on this page.

Christian books

Inspiring books for Christians

Inspiring Christian Books

Into the Silent Land: A Guide to the Christian Practice of Contemplation, by Martin Laird

Contemplation is the authentic form of Christian meditation. It was practiced by such greats as St. Augustine.

This makes a great Christmas gift for anyone looking to deepen their experience and practice of Christian prayer and contemplation.

Martin Laird doesn't just offer a practical guide, but helps you by giving a theoretical background as well. Did you know there are several stages of silence?

Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis

This book has converted generations of Skeptics to Christianity, but it's also a great devotional read for the believing Christian.

C.S. Lewis gave the lectures that form the basis of this book during World War 2: the urgency of that situation resonates in every word.

Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus edited by Jeffrey Furst

This is a great birthday gift for people who hover on the side of alternative spirituality and Christianity. Who was Jesus really? The book is based on the clairvoyant readings of Edgar Cayce, organized into a logical narrative by Furst.

This book will help your loved one get a feel for the place of humanity in God's plan.

Christian jewelry

If your father, mother, sibling or friend wears jewelry you must consider gifting him or her a Christian jewelry piece on Father's Day or whatever other gift-day you choose. The most popular designs are those featuring the Cross, Jesus, and the Patron Saints.
The materials range from Stainless steel to silver, gold, and gemstones like diamond, pearls, and zirconia.

These simple and elegant designs will certainly make your Father happy and joyful. I have featured Christian Pendants made from different materials and in different price ranges below.

Spiritual Jewelry for your Christian woman or man

Beautiful jewelry for Christian women and men. Rings, pendants and so on. Personally I think Spiritual Jewelry is a great gift idea for a Christian Spouse or Boyfriend who is religious. There are countless designs available. Choose from patron saint medals, Christian pendants, rings, charms, bracelets, and lots more.

Whichever design, material, or style you choose, the underlying theme behind all these Jewelry pieces remains the same - Love!

Fish and Cross Jewelry for Valentine's Day

Lovely Gifts for Christian Women and men

Many Christians are not aware about the fact that Fish is an older symbol than the Cross in Christianity. Christian Fish symbol is usually created by two simple curved lines.

After Christ's crucifixion his followers were persecuted and this symbol was used as an identifying symbol that fellow Christians would recognize, but non-Christians would not. Fish is also identified with Baptism in Christianity.

The cross is a universal religious symbol, best known from Christianity. In other religions it often symbolizes the four cardinal points or the four elements. In Christianity the cross symbolizes the crucification of Jesus. The Crucifix is a cross including a representation of Jesus.

Christian Tie Tacs, Men's Rings and Cufflinks for Men

Religious jewelry for men, in silver and gold

It's always harder to find a guy a gift, than a girl. These jewelry pieces will grace your man's arm, hand or tie, while also reminding him of his faith when things get tough.

Personally I think a signet ring looks great on men: it lends them distinction. However, a small pendent can look great too.

Christian Musical Prayer Boxes

Music, Love, and God form a wonderful Trinity. Music does take us closer to God. You'd simply love the Christian Musical Prayer Boxes on offer. These arn't just good for listening music - they are great as decorative pieces too!

Gospel Music is also a good choice if your Valentine is Religious and likes music.

Christian calendars and datebooks

Inspiring Christian wall calendars and uplifting planners

Christian calendars and Planners
Bible, psalm and more general calendars and planners all inspired by the Christian path.
Christianity Date Books
Suggestions of Christian planners that can be used to keep your busy life schedule on track.
Advent calendars
Calendars to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. Also: Toy Advent Calendars, Lego Advent Calendars and Chocolate Advent Calendars

Mother Mary Gifts

Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child
Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato
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Mary - the mother of Jesus is also known as - Maryam, Miriam, Saint Mary, Mother Mary, Virgin Mary and Lady Mary. She is also mentioned in the Quran - which devotes one of the biggest chapters to Mother Mary.

She is a source of inspiration for millions of Christians and Catholics worldwide. Mother Mary has been depicted beautifully in works of art and numerous works of literature have been devoted to her.

Christian Puzzles

White Mountain Puzzles Great Events of the Bible - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
A beautiful way to remember the key stories from Bible. Get the entire family together, and assemble these stories. They will surely inspire you.
Recommended For ~ Children Over Twelve Years of Age

Christian inspirational movies on DVD and Bluray

Popular Christian Movies. What's more romantic than watching a soul growing movie together? I selected a few that get good reviews from both men and women.

Billy Graham Presents: The Climb

A Christian action movie. A great gift for the Christian man: he'll love it, without loosing his faith.

Faith Like Potatoes

The real life story of South African farmer Angus Buchan. He started life short tempered, ended it a popular evangelical preacher. In between he experienced miracles like you've never seen.

The Second Chance

Two church workers in opposite sides of town - rich vs poor - meet, and their lives are transformed. Gets reviews as 'not just a good Christian movie, a good movie period'.

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

A boy learns to cope with a bully, helped by his Grandfather who shares his faith. It's about learning to see people in our lives from another perspective, as one reviewer said.

Facing the Giants is perhaps the most famous of Christian movies made in the last century. Any Christian who hasn't seen it yet deserves to see it at long last. For those who have seen it, it makes a great addition to their DVD collection.

Fireproof - from the makers of 'Facing the Giants' comes another inspiring story. This time it's a love story - how can you get your marriage back on track? A firefighter and his wife face up to the challenge and grow in faith as they resolve their issues.

Apparel - t-shirts etc.

Fun Christian shirts and tees

Christian Prayer T-Shirt, Funny Christian T Shirts shirt
Christian Prayer T-Shirt, Funny Christian T Shirts by cutencomfy
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Cruciform 11 shirt
Cruciform 11 by apmercer
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CHRISTIAN 1 by DAKing1970
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Christian iPad Cases

Your faith is important to you, so is your iPad. Protecting your iPad with the power of Jesus is a good idea, especially with the beautiful, cool and cute (usually not all at once) iPad cases I've found for you. Some are funny, some are stylish, all will help keep your iPad safe.

Most of the cases are of the folio type: They protect both the back and the front and will fold out to create a stand for easier movie watching and e-reading as well.