Theosophy in the Ukraine

H.P. Blavatsky was born in Dniepropetrovsk in the Ukraine, formerly a province of the USSR. Theosophists there have, with the help of the local government started a project to turn the house in which she was born into a museum and centre for study. They need our help. They have two related projects:

  1. a forum at Dniepropetrovsk in the Ukraine. People can apply for joining the forum, or joining the festivities and listening to the forum. 
  2. Below is information on the centre of H.P. Blavatsky: it needs money for its many plans.

Сharitable foundation «Centre of  H. P. Blavatsky»


                         Dear friends, colleagues and all people of good will

   Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was born in Dniepropetrovsk in the mansion of her grandfather Fadeyev. The building was situated at 11 Petersburgska Str. (now - Leningradska Str.). The Fadeyevs had owned the mansion and some territories around it - the estate - for about 20 years (1815-1834). In December 2004, that memorial building (as a property) was transferred to the Historical Museum of Dniepropetrovsk according to the decisions of the Cabinet of the Ukraine and the Dniepropetrovsk regional council and administration. It was the result of 14 years of work.

   During all those years, on the basis of the Historical Museum some work has been done for creating the scientific ground for the future museum centre, for collecting rarities and exhibits (now - more than 7 thousands pieces), for making acquisitions of books for the library (now – 1500 volumes). Exhibitions have been held in many towns and places as well as scientific conferences and seminars, thematic meetings, round-table talks and cultural activities. The circle of friends and helpers has become wider.

   The scientific concept of the Blavatsky and Family Museum Centre is to create an  international scientific and cultural centre of a new type that will include:

   In January-August 2005, a complex historical and architectural survey and the necessary chemical diagnostic studies were done. On the basis of those investigations, a reconstruction of the original plan and form of the building as well as an assessment of its technical condition were completed.

  The building has been neglected for a long time. It has not been heated for a number of years and now it urgently needs investments for performing all the necessary restoration works.

  The second phase is beginning, which will consist of making the first blueprints and the inevitable urgent repairs and which will cost an estimated US $ 60,000.

   The first steps – as for legal documentation and primary scientific survey – were already taken. Now we have arrived at the next stage of the project where the united efforts of all who are interested in it can help to physically create the international HPB Centre. We are grateful to the international community for its support during all those 14 years – especially for their donations, gifts of rarities and cooperation in general.

   The non-governmental and non-profitable organization, named “HPB Centre” Foundation, was set up to provide cooperation from the public in general for realizing the project.

   We think that uniting and inviting all people who share the idea behind the HPB Museum Centre is the most important part of this work.

   The following list gives the situation of the first donations to the project received until November 2005:

 Total        2 %    $1,471

Total needed for second phase    100 %    $60,000

This list will receive a quarterly up-date.

   The number of people who are eager to support the project is constantly growing in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries.

   The project leaders, members of the public support group invite all whose heart will reply to our appeal to join us in this work.

   Names of those who donate will be registered on the Book of honorary sponsors of the Museum Centre.

The following list gives the names and telephone numbers of the project leaders as well as the necessary information for making donations by national or international bank payments:

Nadezhda Kapustina – director of the Historical Museum in Dniepropetrovsk

t +38(0562) 46-24-28

Tatyana Golovchenko – chairman of the theosophical association “Sofiya”, co-founder of the public charity fund “HPB Centre”, Dniepropetrovsk

t +38 (0562) 46-32-39

Helena Alivantseva – head of the scientific department of the “HPB and Family Museum Centre”, president of the public charity fund “HPB Centre”, Dniepropetrovsk

t +38 (056) 778-01-00

Svitlana Gavrylenko – head of the Kiev group for supports the charity fund “HPB Centre”, Kiev

t +38 (044) 287-10-71

Getting money to the Ukraine

Key information required to route EURO and US dollars funds transfer messages in favor of customers of JSPP Bank AVAL, Dnepropetrovsk branch

Beneficiary customer: 009-26000236210100

                                    Blagodiyny fond “Tsentr O.P.Blavatskoy”

                                    18, av. Karl Marx, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49027

Account with institution: JSPP Bank AVAL,

                                         Dnepropetrovsk branch


                           Correspondent accounts of Bank AVAL

acc. 400886708701 with
Commerzbank A.G., Frankfurt, Germany

acc. 947032910 with
Deutsche Bank A.G., Frankfurt, Germany

acc. 424-017032201 with
American Express Bank GMBH, Frankfurt, Germany

acc. 0812766900/888 with
Drezdner Bank AG, Frankfurt, Germany

acc. 10401 with
Westdeutsche Landesbank AG, Dusseldorf, Germany

acc. 04-400-503 with
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York, NY, USA

acc. 890-0260-688 with
Bank of New York, New York, NY, USA

acc. 001-1-090891 with
JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, NY, USA
S.W.I.F.T. -  CHASUS33

acc. 36129009 with
City bank, New York, NY, USA

acc. 729616 with
American Express Bank, New York, NY, USA