Preface by Hozen Seki to D.T. Suzuki's, Shin Buddhism


Where did I come from into this world?

Where am I going after death?

I came alone into this world and am departing alone to the next world. If there were no compassion toward me from the other-power, my past, present, and future would not exist. To protect, and to guide me, there are countless powers. For example - my parents, my society, my nation, the air, earth, sun, etc. - all those powers of compassion are called Oyasama. I cannot live in this world without Oyasama. Oyasama and I are in Oneness. Oyassama is the infinite light and life that is called Amida Buddha. 

In Japanese, Namu means myself. Namu Amida Butsu is an expression of oneness - in other words, Oyasama and I. Therefore when we recite Namu Amida Butsu it is an expression of gratitude for this universal compassion which is always within us and surrounding us, regardless of whether we recognize or accept it. 

We came into this world with Oyasama and will return to Oyasama after our death. Oyasama is the source of joy, hope, and gratefulness.