Buddhism Links

Buddhism quiz
Test your knowledge of Buddhism. Do you know your Buddhist trivia?
Contemporary Buddhism
Katinka Hesselink's blog on the Buddhist path, modern Buddhism, controversy and so on.
Top Buddhism Gifts
Jewelry, artwork, calendars and books
Best Buddhist Books
Scholarly and inspiring Buddhist books people love to read
Dalai Lama Books
Popular and inspiring books by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Buddhism is NOT a form of Hinduism
Hindu's are always quick to point out that Buddhism is a form of Hinduism, but they're wrong and here's why...
Buddhist calendars
Calandars inspired by Buddhism, often including Buddhist quotes
Buddhism Q&A Forum - Stack Exchange
Is your question about Buddhist philosophy, teaching, and practice? They prefer questions that can be answered, not just discussed. In a network of geek-run forums on a variety of topics. This has the advantage that they have a very good system that rewards quality responses to questions as well as discourages spam. Just sign up with your Google account.
Pema Chodron Calendars
Quotes and Buddhist art
Susan Piver
Author and meditation teacher with an active blog, full of videos
Thich Nhat Hanh Calendars
Calendars featuring Thich Nhat Hanh Zen Buddhist quotes and beautiful art
Zen Buddhist calendars
Calendars featuring Zen sayings and art
Classic Buddhist text with great thoughts to ponder
Fake Buddhist Quotes Blog
Ever wonder if a quote you found is really by the Buddha? If not, you should: most short Buddhist quotes are not actually well translated from their original language. Many are even made up. This blog finds out for you.
Buddhist Glossary
Buddhism and feelings
On attachment and detachment, an original viewpoint
Buddhism on death and dying
"Good health is simply the slowest way a human being can die... author unknown"
Zen Koans
Translated into English from a book called the Shaseki-shu (Collection of Stone and Sand), written late in the thirteenth century by the Japanese Zen teacher Muju (the"non-dweller"), and from anecdotes of Zen monks taken from various books published in Japan around the turn of the 20th century.
Zen articles from Korea
Kwan Um School of Zen: arranged by teacher
Jacqueline Mandell's expression of her quest.
Interestingalso for the testimony of so called *miracles* being performed by a teacher from this century.
Practice and Attain Sudden Enlightenment
Ch'anMaster Ch'an Yuan, out of great compassion, wrote his work Practice and Attain Sudden Enlightenment, using the dialogue format between a monk-student and his master to develop concepts about the nature of the Absolute, Original Mind, Enlightenment, practice, etc.
Diamond Sangha Suttras
Zen Suttras, translated into English from Japanese by Robert Aitken Roshi of the Diamond Sangha Zen Buddhist Society.
Western Buddhist Review
Online magazine on Buddhism in the west.
Dharma the cat
Buddhist cartoons, very funny.
International association of Buddhist Women
Buddhism and vegetarianism
Buddha Net
Online magazine on Buddhism. Including stuff on different lineages and in depth articles.
Unfettered Mind
Based in teachings on Tibetan Buddhism this website represents an organizational format more fitted to the West: less hierarchy in the teacher-student relationship, a less formal curriculum etc.
What the Buddha actually said
Quotes from the Pali Canon.
Angry Asian Buddhist (in America)
Just a blog that shows the Asian American Buddhist in his or her full light. Learn about what the majority of Buddhists are actually doing out there.
Crossing Nebraska - zennic blog
An exploration of spirituality and the human condition with frequent forays into Zen, mindfulness, art, science, psychology, and philosophy.