Everything is seen as empty. From the sphere of emptiness appears the letter OM which transforms into a jewel vessel holding a letter  OM. The letter melts and becomes celestial substances: water for the  mouth, water for the feet, flowers, incense, light, perfume, ambrosia,  music and so forth, all of which are clear, unsullied and vast as the  sky and able to endure until cyclic existence is ended. Then, by the  powers of emanation of the All Good Bodhisattva Samantabhadra, the  offerings become as clouds entirely suffusing the skies.

     I and all sentient beings, endless and vast as space, from now  until we return into the essence of enlightenment, turn to our refuge,  the magnificent and holy Gurus, the perfected and transcendent Buddhas, the sacred and most holy Dharma and the exalted community of Supreme Beings.

    Through the power of my prayers to the forces of goodness,and through the energies of kindness, integrity, patience, devotion, contemplation and wisdom of the Absolute, may enlightenment be gained for the sake of all.

     May all beings realize bliss and the cause of bliss.
     May all beings be free from sorrow and the cause of sorrow.
     May all beings attain union with the sacred bliss, which is devoid of suffering.
     And may all beings abide in the limitless equanimity that is clear,
     Free from attraction and aversion, the cause of pleasure and pain.
     O Mother of all sentient beings. Deity who crushes the nightmares of delusion,
     Divinity who knows things as they are,
     Together with your entourage, pray descend.

     O Awakened Ones, who for countless aeons
     Generated compassion out of mercy for beings,
     Delight in the thoughts of my prayers.
     The time is right to work the good of the world.
     Send from your palace of the Sphere of Truth,
     Magical emanations to empower and reveal.
     Come, liberate the myriads of beings,
     Descend with your entourage, I pray you.

     O Lions amongst men,
     Buddhas past, present and future,
     To as many of you as there be,
     Throughout the realms of space,
     I bow with body, speech and mind.

     On the waves of strength,
     Of this king of prayers,
     I bow to the Buddhas pervading space,
     Their bodies as numerous as atoms.

     On every atom is found a Buddha,
     Sitting amidst countless sons.
     In this infinite sphere of mystic beings,
     I gaze with eyes of faith.

     With oceans of conceivable sound,
     In eulogy to the perfected Buddhas,
     I give voice to their excellent qualities,
     And glorify those gone to bliss.

     Garlands of flowers I offer to them;
     Music, perfumes, lamps and incense,
     I arrange in mystic formation,
     And offer to those who have conquered illusion.

     All these taintless offerings I hold up,
     In admiration for those gone to bliss.
     In the potential of every living being,
     I lift up my heart and rejoice.

     Mount Meru, glorious mountain at the centre of the world,
     The four continents, and the sun and the moon,
     Placed on a base laden with incense and flowers,
     I offer to the paradise of the Awakened Ones.
     May all beings enjoy it as the field supreme.

    O myriads of Gurus, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas throughout the ten directions, gaze upon me. You who possess the unapprehendable  wisdom that knows, the compassion that responds and the magical emanations which act, preserve and spread the precious Buddha-Dharma. Fulfill the wishes of the Gurus and Sages and give health and long life to those that uphold the sacred.

    Radiate your illumined activity throughout the ten directions. Bring happiness and comfort to all that lives.Place us in the disciplines which please the High Ones and empower us with minds of skill and bliss.

  Long life, health and wealth : All beings long for them,

 Just as they wish, just what they want,

 May it come to them now,

 And may they live in accord with Dharma.

 Pray cut off the actions of ignorance,

 Which deceive the sentient beings,

 Concerning method, refuge, purification,

 And the meaning of Mahayana Renunciation.