It is easier to get enlightened than to stay enlightened

Lama Surya Das

 "It is easier to get enlightened than to stay enlightened. More people have profound spiritual experiences than most realize. Having momentarily intuited or recognized who and what one truly is (Reality itself, things as they are, unmediated by thought), habitual dualistic propensities do tend to resurface, obscuring that fundamental existential insight and openness. One's intrinsic clarity and innate wakefulness is again shrouded by, and prey to, the winds of karma, the storm of emotionality and delusion. As a catalyzing agent, deep continuous meditation and uncompromising selfinquiry is the great highway to wisdom and transcendence. 

Wonderment -- wondering about everything -- is the key. The Buddha himself reached perfect awakened enlightenment through such a practice-path; we are fortunate to be heirs to his legacy."

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