Theodore J. Nottingham

Quotes from his books

Becoming Real

"From this blessed line of teachers has come forth in our time yet another master. Karlfried Graf Durckheim, who died at the age of 92 in December of 1988, is a beacon for humanity whose influence has only begun to be felt. Here is a man who brought together the vision of Meister Eckhart, C. G. Jung, Zen Buddhism, and the spirituality of early Christianity. Out of his experience and understanding, he has created a new language for the practical transformation of human consciousness."

The End of the Line

ACTOR: In this crucial moment of our history, I shall attempt to expound upon humanity, its achievements, its weaknesses, its joys and sorrows through the art that has been handed down to me from the ancient Greeks and the Babylonian dramatis personi before them, bringing forth the essence of what our purpose on this ill-fated planet was meant to be.

Journey from Atlantis

Mada relaxed on the thick carpet of moss and carefully adhered to his guide's instructions. He promptly found himself floating near the stillagmites, looking down at his body.

"How do I get back in?" he whispered, a bit terrified. "Fear not, the golden chain never ruptures, no matter how far you may travel." On the wings of his subconscious will, he soon found himself floating in the newly remodeled laundry room at his parents' home. He swam through the gentle air currents until he reached the living room. His father was seated on a large ancestor to the bean bag, breaking in a new pipe.

Madman at the Wishing Well

ANGEL: Is that what you want to do with your life? Make money?

MADMAN: Would I be spending my time in an empty attic if that were my ambition? Of course not. No, I am a dreamer, a visionary, a philosopher, an artist even...

ANGEL: An artist? What do you create?

MADMAN: Deception. Particularly self-deception. Like right now, I'm acting as if I had some idea of who I am, of what I am doing. Actually, I have no idea what I'm doing on this planet, why I'm stuck with this...(points to body) rather unpleasant "compagnon de voyage," and what the point of all this nonsense is!

Terra Sancta Part I

Bertran had met with the recluse only twice before. And each time, he had been taught from the treasury of the learned man. Their first encounter occurred during a blizzard the previous winter. He had gotten lost in the forest while seeking firewood for his family. The season was especially harsh and every inhabitant of the fiefdom was cold and hungry. Without the presence of their liege, Lord Reynald, there were no more festive occasions on which his serfs were let into the courtyard to dance and drink around a giant bondfire, thereby easing the hardships of the season.

Terra Sancta Part II

He realized he had awakened to a new dimension of himself that had been dormant or buried under the monotonous rhythms of his life and the opaque ideas he had formed concerning the reality around him. High on this remote mountaintop, in this secret castle, he knew that he was a child of the Creator, a visitor to the realm of passing time whose true home was eternity. From his vast perception, he could see how the Cathar had sided with that higher realm where bliss was like a sun that never set. He could also see that they had mistakenly rejected Creation in favor of their first homeland. For the temporal world was bursting with the Divine Presence which called upon him, its awakened messenger, to enjoy it, care for it, and transform it into holy sacraments for the glory of its Maker.