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Gurdjieffian Net
Information on forthcoming events, articles, organisations, and links. Sale of books.
Gurdjieff's Teaching by Kevin Langdon.
Essays, lectured and reviews. Links
A Journey to Inaccessible Place
A honeymoon trip to the Prieure with many photographs.
Changes in G. I. Gurdjieff’s Teaching ‘The Work’
by Dr Sophia Wellbeloved (London) A paper presented at The 2001 Conference (CESNUR-INFORM) in London. Preliminary version - Do not reproduce without the consent of the author.
Sayings by Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff All excerpts taken from the book In search of the miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky Published by Arkana - Penguin Books .
Essays of the Ideas
For the most part, these essays assume a knowledge of the material presented by P. D. Ouspensky in a series of ten lectures he or his students would give to people interested in hearing about the work.
Excerpt from Dorothy Caruso's 'A Personal History'
In spite of all I had been told, I had made my own conception of Gurdjieff. He would have the tongue of St. John, the inspiration of St. Paul, the sanctity and remoteness of the Reverend Mother. I wou.
George Gurdjieff
G. I. Gurdjieff is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic figures in spiritual history. He was sometimes called "The Unknowable Mr. Gurdjieff." The system of teachings which he brought from a myster.
Gurdjieff and Sufi Paths
Those who try hiking both these paths will find that they do, indeed, criss-cross here and there, run along a few ridges together, and part in other places. These paths can lead to a real destination.
Gurdjieffian Net
Information on forthcoming events, articles, organisations, and links. Sale of books.
Gurdjieff's Teaching by Kevin Langdon
Essays, lectured and reviews. Links.
Mary Poppins Goes to Hell, Pamela Travers
by Massimo Introvigne (A paper read at The International Humanities Conference, Bognor Regis 1996. Pamela Travers died in the same year 1996).
Neslihan Halici
Neslihan Halici is the director of a documentary film about Gurdjieff, called Journey to Inaccessible Places.
Realization - Gurdjieff
He appeared in Russia shortly before the First World War from somewhere in Central Asia, a charismatic teller of tall tales, and convinced a circle of people that he had spent twenty years collecting .
Scott, student of the teachings of Gurdjieff
Inspite of their pretensions, these web pages are not meant to be a scholarly work. It is certain that I have plagarized ideas, if not actual words, of many biographers & critics of Jean Toomer.
Self Observation with Charles Tart
JEFFREY MISHLOVE, Ph.D.: Hello and welcome. Our topic today is "Self Observation," and my guest is Professor Charles Tart, member of the Department of Psychology at the University of California.
A short introduction and some articles on Gurdjieff.
Wikipedia on Gurdjieff
A multilingual project to create a complete and accurate open content encyclopedia. Started in January 2001.