Fourth Way links

On Gurdjieff and the fourth way
Fourth Way books, with online excerpts and shop.
Summa Foundation
Summa Foundation provides practical study in Philadelphia for adult self-development using Fourth Way methods, including Movements. Emphasis is on the use of attention and harmonious integration.
Centro per lo Sviluppo Armonico dell'Uomo
Il Centro per lo Sviluppo Armonico di Brescia nasce nel 1997 dal desiderio di un gruppo di amici “ricercatori” di condividere con altri i miglioramenti e benefici ottenuti nella loro vita grazie ad u.
Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way - The path of inner Alchemy.
School of Psychoanthropology
Fourth (or Fifth) Way school of Selim Aïssel in France. With information on the path and activities. French and English.
The Fourth Way Gurdjieff Ouspensky School Website
The Sojourner Institute
The Sojourner Institute is a Fourth Way School for Advanced Spiritual Development.