The Goban Saor: 'A Resounding Sting'

One day a villager rushed into the tavern where the Goban was quietly enjoying a beaker of mead and said gleefully:

"..Goban , the story is going round that you really made an idiot of Cairbre O Loingsigh ..!"

The Goban calmly put down his drink, dabbed his lips and said, slowly shaking his head:

" - That's not strictly true, you know - "

" - But Goban, I heard - "

" - Because Cairbre O Loingsigh was an idiot before I ever met him!"

The whole tavern started laughing , and when this comment with its attendant laughter was reported to Cairbre O Loingsigh he suffered the humiliation of being laughed at all over again.

When this in turn was reported to the Goban next day in the tavern, he nodded his head and said solemnly into his drink:

"..You see! A genuine idiot can be laughed at at least four times for the one manifestation of his idiocy!"

And he was right, because when this latter remark was reported to Cairbre O Loingsigh the next day, he was laughed at for the fourth time.

And that wasn't the last time either.