The Goban Saor: 'The Goban & The Druid'

Once a well-known druid came to visit the Goban.
"Why have you come to vist me?", he asked.

"..You are a famous man. I wanted to see for myself if everything I have heard about you is true .."

"..And what do you see for yourself?"

"..That inside, at the very core of you, there is a tramp.."

The Goban was deeply thoughtful for a moment:

"..And what is a tramp?"

"A tramp is a man ..who doesn't value anything. That's why he has no morals. No self-discipline. No belief. He could end his life - " The druid snapped his fingers " - just like that!"

"And how do you know this?"

"I know it only because he is in myself.."

"Tell me another reason why you have come .."

"..I have come to ask you what you see in me .."

"In you I see a lunatic.."

"What is a lunatic?"

"..A tramp doesn't value anything - the lunatic has plenty of valuation. But he values what is worthless. And puts no value on what has real value .."

"How do you know this?"

"I know it because he is in myself .."

"I look at you and I see only a tramp travelling the roads."

"You do not see it in me because you do not see it in yourself. "

"What else do you see?"

"I see a tramp who is still travelling the road. Knowing he is a tramp. Knowing what he must do ...I see a lunatic who is not travelling anywhere. Who has stopped in one place. Who is in prison. Who does not for a moment know that he is in prison. Who thinks he is free ...Now tell me another reason why you have come."

The druid rose and bowed respectfully to the Goban:

"I have come to humbly beg you to be my teacher .."

"Humility is for you a near-impossible attainment. We must start with smaller things"