G. I. Gurdjieff

Saurat: You do not belong to any school?
Gurdjieff: No, we are a group of friends. About 30 years ago a dozen of us spent several years in central Asia, and we reconstructed the doctrine from the remains of oral traditions, from the study of ancient customs, folk songs and even from certain books. The doctrine has always existed, but the tradition has often been interrupted. In ancient times certain groups and castes knew it, but it was incomplete. The ancients went in too much for metaphysics. The doctrine was too abstract.
Saurat: Are you still in touch with friends who have reconstituted the doctrine?
Gurdjieff: I see three or four of them still.
Saurat: What are they doing?
Gurdjieff: They are practicing different ordinary professions.
Saurat: Are they teaching?
Gurdjieff: No. I am the only one who teaches: that is my profession.

'A Visit to Gourdyev' by Denis Saurat
The Living Age, New York, January 1934, Vol. CCCXLV (4408), pp. 427–433