Finnish Folk Sayings

You don't get anywhere if you run in your thoughts.

A little bit of experience is better than a barrel full of knowledge.

Even the clock shows the time without knowing anything.

I love others too, but I love myself more.

Your memory can let you down like it did a Finn who was carving a wooden spoon.

You get a lot of these blows, said the busy bee when he flew against a brick wall.

A man is valued by his work, not his words.

If you're short of trouble take a goat!

Wet your finger in tar and soon it is all over you.

Water runs a whole mile downstream easier than an inch upstream.

In sunshine the dust is seen.

The devil dances nowhere as much as between a couple.

You're just like a baby - one never knows what comes and when it comes.

If you have ploughed with oxen, married a widow and never said a bad word - surely you go to heaven.

Other people slept, I was awake; the cat had all the baby's milk.