J.M.S. Baljon'Religion and Thought of Shah Wali Allah Dihlawi', 1703–1762

Revised ebook edition by J. M. S. Baljon

Edited by Krijn Peter Hesselink and Katinka Hesselink

Published online as a free ebook 2012 (PDF 1.4MB)

Originally published as Volume 48 van Studies in the history of religions as a Hardcover of 221 pages, published by Brill Academic Pub (1986)

When my grandfather died in 2001 he left my grandmother well provided for, but with a lot of responsibilities. She took care of his library by donating the books to the Leiden University Library as he had arranged it. She took care of the house by moving everything around. An uncle of mine took care of the finances. However, there was one wish of my grandfather’s that weighed heavily on her heart: he had worked on a revised edition of his last book till a year before he died and had wanted to see it published.

'Religion and Thought of Shah Wali Allah Dihlawi', 1703–1762 (PDF 1.4 MB)

The size of the PDF is rather large. I would be grateful to anyone who can make the PDF smaller without loss of essential formatting. mail @ katinkahesselink.net

Unfortunately it proved difficult to get the book republished. I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide why it was difficult to get this book republished, though as a family we are certainly not short of speculation on the topic. We are sure that he would have wanted readers to be able to benefit from the work he had done to improve the book.

Given that many of the potential readers of this work live in Pakistan with little money, we feel sure that a free digital edition is a suitable way to finally give shape to my grandfather’s wishes. 

When referencing this work please include the URL: http://www.katinkahesselink.net/sufi/baljon-dihwahli.html

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Note on the text

No attempt has been made to correctly render transliterations of Arabic, Urdu or any other non-Latin script. This is especially true for the parts of the book added by the heirs of J.M.S. Baljon.

The first chapters of the transcript have been edited for style by Krijn Peter Hesselink. I have done work on page formatting and the like. The parts edited by my brother have endnotes. The rest of the chapters have footnotes at the end of each chapter. In those chapters I have left the original page numbers as my grandfather put them in. I assume this will make it easier on students who want to check with the original edition.

Katinka Hesselink 2012