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Al Ghazzali Quotes

Do not buy the enmity of one man for the love of a thousand men.
(Essential Sufism)
Illness itself is one of those forms of experience by which one arrives at the knowledge of God ...
It is, so to speak, the cord of love by which God draws to Himself the saints.
Arrogance and conceit in a person may be recognized by three signs:
  1. When alone does he feel gloomy, and in company feel happy?
  2. When people praise him, does he perform more worship?
  3. When they speak badly of him, does he perform very little worship?
(Essential Sufism)
Only that which cannot be lost in a shipwreck is yours.
in Llewellyan Vaughan-Lee: Travelling the Path of Love" Inverness, CA: Godlen Sufi Center, 1995, p. 109
…a man should say to his soul every morning, "God has given thee twenty-four treasures; take heed lest thou lose anyone of them, for thou wilt not be able to endure the regret that will follow such loss."
Abu Hamid Al-Ghazzali, The Alchemy of Happiness, Ch. 6: Concerning Self-Examination and the Recollection of God
Man's nature is made up of four elements, which produce in him four attributes, namely, the beastly, the brutal, the satanic, and the divine. In man there is something of the pig, the dog, the devil, and the saint.
The Main Problems of Abu Nasr Al-Paraba