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The love of yoga shines through on these beautiful yoga posters, from art to photographs portraying yoga poses to real yogis showing off the most complicated asana's.

From chakras to Asanas, from Sanskrit to losing weight: these posters cover all the aspects of Yoga. Some are merely a great way to decorate your house and inspire you to practice, others are an education and a help to any yoga teacher. Yoga posters make a great Yoga Gift for any yoga lover. Whether in black and white or color, whether educational or simply beautiful.

Educational Yoga PosterEducational yoga poster

The first poster is a fully educational poster which shows yoga symbols, as well as the main asana's. It's also beautiful using colors from the whole rainbow spectrum. It explains the chakras as well as the main points from the Yoga Sutras.

Female Yogi
Female yogi
upward facing dog asana
Yoga with cat
Female yogi
Yoga monkey
Meditation lotus

Origin of Yoga in India

Yoga derives from the Sanskrit 'yog', which translates as 'yoke'. That is: it's a spiritual path in which the burden of life is faced up to. Yoga in the West is mostly Hatha Yoga - the yoga of the physical body. In India itself the word yoga is used much more widely, for a whole variety of spiritual practices.
Some of the best known types of yoga are:

    * Karma yoga: the yoga of right action
    * Hatha yoga: yoga gymnastics, but still with the aim of Moksha
    * Bhakti yoga: the yoga of devotion to God or The Divine
    * Raja yoga: the royal road of spiritual transformation

Karma yoga is the path I've always felt most attracted to: it's simply the path of doing the right thing, devoting your actions to The Divine, as a spiritual practice. 

Hatha yoga is the path of spiritual transformation through physical practice. It involves both meditation and the kind of yoga practice people do in the west. Except that the needs of the body are often ignored by yogi's who sometimes famously stand in one position for hours on end.

Bhakti yoga is perhaps the path closest to Christian mysticism: devotion to God, prayer, song... again with the aim of reaching enlightenment.

Raja yoga is the path Patanjali writes about in the Yoga Sutras. It unites all other paths, but it stresses meditation and right action most of all.

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