Short Spiritual Quotes

Nilakantan Sri Ram, On the Watchtower

The Divine Wisdom is in everything - in the atom, in the electron, in the tree, in the animal, in the human being, in all these as well as in the whole, in their two aspects of being and becoming. Everything in Nature, every species, every substance, every individuality, has a certain uniqueness, and in that uniqueness is the very being of the thing, which makes it that thing and not any other thing. (p. 542)

In the Bhagavad Gita , Shri Krishna says: "Having pervaded this whole universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain." That is to say, His nature is not exhausted by entering into the various forms of manifestation. That which is able to enter into things yet transcend them must necessarily be abstract. But what is abstract to us need not be unreal. It may be more real than the concrete things we are able to perceive and contact. The Spirit is that which fills the consciousness, whereas matter is only touched by the latter. A vital difference between what we call Matter and what we call Spirit lies in the fact that every element of matter merely brushes the consciousness, whereas when we experience the nature of Spirit in any of its manifestations, it has the quality of filling and pervading the consciousness. (p. 543)

Dag Hammarksjold, Markings

In many matters, profound seriousness can only be expressed in words which are light-hearted, amusing and detached; such a conversation as you may expect to hear from someone who, while deeply concerned for all things human, has nothing he is trying to gain or defend.

Sat-Chit-Ananada, Sanatkumarasamhita

   O blissful Lord, Thou art the SELF of all beings, the support of all, the eternal cause of all causes, beyond the bounds of Nature. Thou art pure and self-effulgent, without blemish and without taint. Thou art bliss eternal, without form and duality, and beyond all darkness. Thou art greater than the greatest, Truth absolute, the very embodiment of existence (SAT), intelligence (CHIT), and bliss (ANANDA). To Thee I bow down with my whole heart.
    O Lord, Thou art the mother, father and brother of all. Thou art the Supreme Brahman, and all things are manifestations of Thee.

In the Beginning, The Zohar

   IN THE BEGINNING the volition of the sovereign made a tracing in the supernal effulgence, a lamp of scintillating darkness, and there issued within the impenetrable depths of the mysterious Limitless a vapour enclosed in a ring, neither white nor black, neither red nor green nor any colour whatsoever. When he took measurements, he formed colours to shine within, and within the lamp of scintillating darkness there radiated a certain effluence from which colours were imprinted below. The Most Mysterious Power enshrouded in the Limitless made way, as it were, without cleaving its void, and remained utterly unknowable until from the force of the pressure there shone forth a supernal and mysterious point. Beyond that point nothing can be known, and therefore it is called Reshith, 'Beginning', the creative Word which is the primordial origin of all.

In Téotl, Nahuatl Shaman

Inside everything
Where nothing else is:
He is there: the god.

The Magnanimous Lord, Hanumannataka

   Whether the Highest Being is called Vishnu or Shiva, Brahmá or Indra, Sun or Moon, Buddha - the Enlightened - Mahavir - the Perfect -, I always offer my salutations to Him alone who is free from attachment and aversion, worldliness and ignorance, who is endowed with compassion towards all creatures, and is graced with the marks of magnanimity.
    May the Lord of the cosmos, the remover of evil, whom the devotees of Shiva worship as Shiva, the Vedantins as Brahman, the Buddhists as Buddha, the followers of Nyaya as the Agent, those devoted to Jain doctrines as Arhat, the ritualists of the Mimamsa School as Karma - grant us all our heart's desires.

You and Me, Tukaram

The tree is in the womb of the seed,
The seed remains after the tree is no more,
So it has happened to you and me:
The one contains the other.
The ripple on the water,
Water the body of the ripple.
Tuka says, the shadow of reflection
Vanishes where it begins.

The Little Locksmith, by Katherine Butler Hathaway

I am shocked by the ignorance and wastefulness with which persons who should know better throw away the things they do not like. They throw away experiences, people, marriages, situations, all sorts of things because they do not like them. If you throw away a thing, it is gone. Where you had something you have nothing. Your hands are empty, they have nothing to work on. Whereas, almost all those things which get thrown away are capable of being worked over by a little magic into just the opposite of what they were..............But most human beings never remember at all that in almost every bad situation there is the possibility of a transformation by which the undesirable may be changed into the desirable.


   The submission of the soul to the Light of its being is imaged in Hindu mythology in the figure of Radha as she awaits the coming of her lover, Krishna, even as Mary received the angel of the Annunciation. For the Light loves the soul that is open to it, and our human love, even for the Master most dear to us, is partial and possessive until it is wholly infused with this Light of Wisdom. A Divinity which did not evoke love from us, and not merely as a spiritual hunger for some formless universal, but by Its adorable presence in the minute and concrete particulars of our daily life, would, indeed, be unreal. But equally unreal is the love which seizes on the particular and in whatever degree, wrests it out of the keeping of the universal to cherish and cage it in its own private hands.
    Down the ages the Great Masters have revealed to men what it is to be a Son of God, a being who radiates the Light of wisdom and the power of love with a redeeming intensity. Each of them reveals to mankind a new dimension of human experience, a new possibility of integrating being and awareness.


   Emotional tension, like physical, is due to our fear of letting go, of ceasing to act, of sinking into silence. By observing this fear attentively, as a prelude to examining and analysing it, we detach ourselves from it and imperceptibly the tension slackens. By repeating this act of non-resistance again and again we begin to experience, if only partially, the inner calm in which all our fears are dissolved.
    And as we cease to feel the need to assert our will over others, so, inwardly, we are less and less under the necessity of denying any of our faculties. We are free to let life, in all the subtle magic of its serenely changeful being, come to us through them. For we have learnt to experience beyond selfish preferences. We have broken out of what Gautama called 'the cocoon of false discriminations' and no longer 'move along with the stream of appearances'. We value life for its own sake, not as something to be held under a constant threat of loss, but to be received and given mindfully, as the circumstance of each moment allows. We have discovered what it is to be spiritually open and hospitable and as pliant as a sapling that sways in sympathy with the lightest breeze, but is, also, steadfastly rooted in earth, as we are in the constancy of understanding and of purified instinct.


Pride indicates extreme ignorance of self.


   Love is the recognition of something greater than ourselves, something that lends all life its beauty, something that endures beyond the reach of death, and in the contemplation of this mystery we lose all thought of self and seek only to become one with it and so abide with it for ever. It is when we love, therefore, and only when we love, that we lose that cunning manipulation of our knowledge which we term worldly wisdom and which is in truth merely a weapon with which we seek to enforce the satisfaction of our selfish demands. When we love we live those values which previously were largely theoretical and so our lives become representative of our souls; then it is that we are amazed to discover the countless, invisible ties uniting ourselves with others and then we become aware of the spiritual brotherhood of man and so realize that no man lives unto himself alone.


The great sea
Has sent me adrift
It moves me
As the weed in a great river
Earth and the great weather
Move me
Have carried me away
And move my inward parts with joy.


   Consider this matter in the following similitude. A grain of wheat has the air and light of this world enclosed or incorporated in it. This is the mystery of its life, this is its power of growing, by this it has a strong continual tendency of uniting again with that ocean of light and air from whence it came forth, and so it helps to kindle its own vegetable life. On the other hand, that great ocean of light and air, having its own offspring hidden in the heart of the grain, has a perpetual strong tendency to unite and communicate with it again. From this desire of union on both sides the vegetable life arises and all the virtues and powers contained in it.

Paramahansa Yogananda

“There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first... when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.”

IF ONLY, Hermes

   There is a very little word that we often use. It has only two letters, but it is full of power for good or evil. It is the word 'if'. Do not be always fancying that if your circumstances were different you would be different; if only other people would be agreeable, you would; if only you were somebody else and had their chances you would do differently; if this, that and the other might be, all would be well with you.


Veil upon Veil you hide
The well-spring of the Infinite,
The blue that delights,
Pierces the heart,
And produces a sapphire jewel.


   Thus you see the end of the Pythagorean philosophy is that we may gain wings to soar aloft to the divine Good, to the end that at the hour of death, leaving upon earth this mortal body, and divesting us of its corruptible nature, we may be prepared for the celestial voyage, like champions in the sacred combats of philosophy, for then we shall return to our ancient country and be deified as far as possible for men to become gods ... it not being permitted for any to be adopted into the rank of the gods save for him alone who has acquired for his soul virtue and truth, and for his spiritual chariot purity.


What we have loved,
Others will love, and we will teach them how;
Instruct them how the mind of man becomes
A thousand times more beautiful than the earth
On which he dwells, above this frame of things
(Which, 'mid all revolution in the hopes
And fears of men, doth still remain unchanged)
In beauty exalted, as it is itself
Of quality and fabric more divine.


   Plato asserted that in all things there is one truth, that is the light of the One itself, the light of Deity, which is poured into all minds and forms, presenting the forms to the minds and joining the minds to the forms. Whoever wishes to profess the study of Plato should therefore honour the one truth, which is the single ray of the one Deity. This ray passes through angels, souls, the heavens and other bodies ... its splendour shines in every individual thing according to its nature and is called grace and beauty; and where it shines more clearly, it especially attracts the man who is watching, stimulates him who thinks, and catches and possesses him who draws near to it. This ray compels him to revere its splendour more than all else, as if it were a divine spirit, and, once his former nature has been cast aside, to strive for nothing else but to become this splendour.

Ram Dass

We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another.

Kahlil Gibran

Your neighbor is your other self dwelling behind a wall. In understanding, all walls shall fall down. Who knows but that your neighbor is you better self wearing another body? See that you love him as you would love yourself. He too is a manifestation of the Most High.


   You form souls and lesser living forms and, adapting them to their high flight in swift chariots, You scatter them through the earth and sky. And when they have turned again towards You, by Your gracious law, You call them back like leaping flames.
    Grant, O Father, that my mind may rise to Thy sacred throne.
    Let it see the fountain of good.
    Let it find light, so that the clear light of my soul may fix itself in Thee.
    Burn off the fogs and clouds of earth and shine through in Thy splendour.
    For Thou art the serenity, the tranquil peace of virtuous men.
    The sight of Thee is the beginning and the end; one guide, leader, path and goal.


They sang this song above, they have spoken,
They have put new life into the earth.
Paruxti speaks through the clouds,
And the power has entered Mother Earth.
The earth has received the powers from above.

INVOCATION TO IMMORTALITY, Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

AUM. Lead me from the unreal to the Real.
Lead me from darkness to Light.
Lead me from death to Immortality.