Clairvoyant Research

Bill Keidan

Geoffrey Hodson’s faculty was what is sometimes called “conscious” or “trained” clairvoyance, it was neither “mediumistic” nor induced by shamanistic practices. It could also be described as “Kundalini activated clairvoyance” where the threefold Kundalini force (the serpent power of Indian Yoga) has been thoroughly and systematically aroused within a properly strengthened and purified body and psyche. This form of clairvoyance rarely occurs, especially in the Western World, hence its significance is usually lost amongst the morass of ubiquitous forms of clairvoyance which can sometimes be notoriously unreliable. However, even working with this higher form, Mr. Hodson preferred not to be categorical saying, “It may lead to a reasonably accurate discovery of truth”. Whilst he was not in the habit of praising his own abilities it is interesting to note what some of his collaborators have had to say about him: Dr. David Lyness a New Zealand psychiatrist stated in regard to extensive research he conducted with him:

“…There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Geoffrey possesses quite remarkable powers of extra-sensory perception and invariably uses these faculties with meticulous regard for accuracy in both observation and description.”

Prof. John Robinson D.Sc, a paleontologist, described some painstaking research that Mr. Hodson did with him into the hominid fossil record as follows:

“I was impressed by the extreme care he took over being as accurate and as clear as he could be in the observations he made, as well as his descriptions of them in such a way that his words were as precise as possible in offering the least possibility of misinterpretation .... As far as I could determine, his information was always accurate and he gave me a strong impression of complete reliability.”

Throughout his life similar highly qualified people from different disciplines continued to seek him out and claimed to have received very helpful opinions on many recondite issues from him. A brief summary of certain areas of research are listed below, although this is by no means an exhaustive list of his investigative work.

Religion: Mr. Hodson was brought up within the Anglican Faith and always retained a great love of the devotional aspects of that early Christian upbringing. In search of service and deeper penetration into the core of religious meaning he subsequently became first a Theosophist and later also an ordained priest in The Liberal Catholic Church. As he developed as a gnostic seer he became committed to researching the inner wisdom in The Christian Religion. However, from his wider perspective it was impossible for him to be exclusive in his outlook for he was also able to observe the benefits of the other Great Religions of the World in bringing people to God.

Some of his researches are direct clairvoyant observations of the dynamics of religious ceremonial, some are visions of hidden history which, whilst validating genuine religion also account for certain of its man-made accretions and eccentricities. Within his writings one can find interesting and vivid descriptions as well as far memories such as: The mission of Jesus as he preached his doctrine in Palestine, how the gospels came to be written, the inner aspects of Christian ritual and ceremonial including Adeptic and Angelic involvement. He also interpreted many allegories and parables from both the Old and the New Testaments in a profound way showing how the perennial wisdom (Theosophy) can be observed  in them. In Judaism he confirmed the validity of The Kabbalistic Tradition dating back to Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai in the 3rd Century. He included brief but important keynote studies of World Religions in The School of The Wisdom sessions from 1953-55 which he refined and repeated in many places around the world after that time. Amongst the religious ideas included were The Sacred Language of Allegory and Symbol, The Religion of Ancient Egypt, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, The Religion of Ancient Greece, Hebraism (Judaism), The Neo-Platonists, Christianity, Islam. These ideas may be read in  Lecture Notes - The School of the Wisdom (Vol. II ),1955. Books which deal more specifically with aspects of Judeao-Christian Religion and draw upon Mr. Hodson’s clairvoyant and inspired seership perceptions are The Christ Life from Nativity to Ascension, 1975; The Inner Side of Church Worship, 1930, Clairvoyant Investigations of Christian Origins and Ceremonial, 1977; The Priestly Ideal, 1971; Hidden Wisdom in the Holy Bible,  revised 2 vol. edition 1993 & 1994. Other interesting insights are scattered through journal articles and writings e.g. The writing of St. Matthew’s gospel and the creation of The Kabbalah are referred to in Illuminations of The Mystery Tradition, 1972; further information regarding the creation of the gospels as well as various insightful comments on the true purpose and unity of religion are to be found in The Light of the Sanctuary - The Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson, 1988.

            Mr. Hodson understood World Religion as part of the Lesser Mystery Tradition which trains humanity in moral and ethical precepts thereby making individuals eligible for the more advanced stages of the Spiritual Life inherent in advanced Yoga and the Greater Mysteries. He did not wish to harm people’s devout belief in their faith and was therefore always gentle in his approach, but inevitably part of his work involved shedding light upon some of the man-made accretions which had crept into religion, thereby holding it back in certain ways. For example, he offered for consideration such ideas that “salvation” within Christianity lends itself to be considered in a wider dimension than the vicarious atonement: The Lord Christ, as it were, conducting a “saving” ministry by demonstrating the way of righteousness, so that individuals may actively be saved by the God-Self within, thus avoiding the implication that the law of cause and effect can be negated by acceptance of a dogmatic formula.

Yoga and The Mysteries: Mr. Hodson verified from his own interior experience the effectiveness of the Science of Yoga in uplifting and expanding human consciousness and he taught a system of Yoga, said to be particularly suited for Westerners (The Yoga of Light, 1954). He was also of the opinion that the ancient system of Initiation known as The Mysteries, so venerated in the Ancient World, had never actually died. He wrote and spoke much on the topic as a scholar or student during his life-time without revealing his own interior realisation of the subject, although that partly became known after his death and is detailed in The Trilogy. Basically, his mission was to interest people enough so that if they were within aspirational range, they could set about preparing themselves. The quintessential essence of The Lesser Mystery training (analogous to The Path Ideal) is to prepare the candidate to become teachable by a teacher who has already achieved the goal set for humanity variously called Adeptship, moksha, liberation, or in the Christian tradition “a just man made perfect”. In order not to encourage vanity and pride, emphasis in the Lesser Mystery teachings is on moral and ethical precepts - such ideals being enshrined in symbol and allegory. This is supplemented by sacramental assistance inherent in the validity of the mystery ceremonial which involves hidden Adeptic and Angelic co-operation. When sufficient mastery of character and personality has been gained and some adverse karma neutralised by impersonal service (the preparation may take several earth lifetimes), a fully qualified spiritual teacher mysteriously enters the life of the neophyte, either physically or more commonly these days superphysically. Such an Adept Teacher known as A Master of The Wisdom, supplies specialised forms of yoga and teaches all that is necessary about the awakening process and life planning that is needed for further progress. To enable humanity to reach this plateau stage the Lesser Mysteries were inaugurated, these are found at the heart of the religions of the world as well as in Freemasonry and some other specialised fraternal organisations such as The Theosophical Society. After one’s interior spiritual teacher is found, an intensive course of preparation for entry into The Greater Mysteries becomes possible. This will lead the initiate to paths of greater service and eventual liberation from the wheel of rebirth. Entry to this advanced training is marked by the process known as Discipleship – which in Mr. Hodson’s opinion was not confined to the followers of Jesus 2000 years ago, but was the most ancient of institutions which continues right down to the present day. Retrospective examinations of lectures, writings and especially much of which became available after Mr. Hodson’s death in The Trilogy, leads us to deduce that he himself had made considerable progress on this more advanced line of development and was therefore speaking from direct insight rather than speculation and tradition only.

            One of the many insights that Mr. Hodson supplied us with is that the practice of Yoga and The Mysteries  were intended to achieve practically the same goal. For example, he pointed out that all the genuine yogic gurus had undergone a form of initiation by their spiritual superiors as also happens in The Mysteries. He also saw that many of the different streams of The Lesser Mysteries had been absorbed by Freemasonry and he wrote extensively of the inner benefits of the part of that brotherhood which he belonged to known as International Co-Freemasonry which admits women co-equally with men and which also benefits from a theosophical admixture. Likewise, within the Christian Tradition, he favoured a form of Apostolic Christianity influenced by Theosophy known as The Liberal Catholic Church, which he had been ordained into. A third line of contact with the Mystery Tradition to which Mr. Hodson was committed was The Esoteric School, hosted within The Theosophical Society, this is based upon Pythagorean principles and is less concerned with exploring spiritual symbolism and more with linkage to the spiritual hierarchy and aspiration to serve.

            To aspirants who chose to follow the more solitary line of development known as Yoga, especially in the Western World where retreat to a yogic ashram is not  freely available or realistic, as for example due to family responsibilities, Mr. Hodson suggested that they make their own home into a yogic ashram. Success in the spiritual life whether it be through the Mysteries or by Yoga has a great deal to do with maturity and application as well as individual temperament. Since aspirants tend to re-contact inner traditions from life to life on earth, no effort in a positive direction is ever really lost. Students may sometimes wander far searching in the ways of the world, but ultimately over time they come back to their spiritual home and at a certain stage a spiritual breakthrough occurs. If the aspirant has come to this fortunate breakthrough position sometimes a relatively minor stimulus can produce illumination, at least to some extent. Meanwhile, others who may even have been in senior positions from a worldly point of view, can remain spiritually unborn because they have not grasped the essence of what is required.

Mr. Hodson had been privileged to observe occasional incidences of sudden awakenings in his travels around the world and noticed that these usually tended to happen to more morally elevated people of deep sincerity although occasionally he noted it happened to scoundrels or people who had been doing negative actions (presumably advanced people such as St. Paul who may have started this life on the wrong foot, but nevertheless had the capacity for rapid change). But since suddenly illumined people, let alone reincarnated yogis and Great Initiates are relatively rare, Mr. Hodson recommended the slow, systematic and steady application to the procedures of the spiritual life, with full confidence that when one’s Master sees it helpful to bring on the awakening process this will be done without delay.

            Some of Mr Hodson’s books which may appeal to those interested in The Path Ideal of Yoga and The Mysteries are: The Call to the Heights (guidance on the pathway to self illumination), 1976, Meditations on The Occult Life, 1968, The Pathway to Perfection, 1973, The Inner Side of Church Worship, 1930, At The Sign of the Square and Compasses 1976, The Occult Philosophy Concealed within Freemasonry, 1985. The mature essence of Mr. Hodson’s thought on Yoga and the Mysteries is found in his posthumous work The Yogic Ascent to Spiritual Heights, 1991 as well as the two other books of The Trilogy.

Disease and Healing: On health matters Mr. Hodson generally recommended people should visit a qualified medical practitioner prior to consulting him, so that a conventional diagnosis could first be made and obvious symptoms treated by conventional and satisfactory scientific methods. However, sometimes the problems put to him were clearly not medical, but spiritual, in which case he would  conduct an investigation without prior medical consultation. At various times in his life he had worked extensively in collaboration with members of the medical profession whose skills he respected, and several doctors who were sufficiently broad in their outlook or valued his insights would often refer some of their more difficult cases to him for clairvoyant diagnosis. From the patient’s point of view the procedure was entirely advantageous since it involved no invasive procedures and Mr. Hodson refused to accept any form of payment for his services.

            Because of his advanced degree of yogic illumination Mr. Hodson had several forms of superphysical investigation at his disposal. It was easy for him to observe the dynamic flows and colours in the human emotional and mental energy fields - the so called astral and mental auras - and to a trained seer these flows and colours carry important medical and psychological data. Then, additional vignette-type images would open to his vision within these energy fields, giving linkage to the source of the problem. He was also able to observe the etheric or health aura, whose pinkish striated radiations extend at right angles slightly beyond the human physical counterpart, such radiations tending to droop at the point of egress from the body in the area of a physically diseased organ. These abilities would normally be ample for clairvoyant diagnosis and most psychics would be very happy to settle for them, but Mr. Hodson’s preferred method went beyond even this. The more advanced technique that he commonly adopted was to raise his consciousness to the level where the Self (The Spiritual Ego in the Causal Body) lives and engage it in dialogue. His systematic approach is probably best expounded in his own words which are transcribed from a private tape of an interview in 1975:

             " Supposing then, a person comes to me suffering from some psychological or perhaps psychic disorder from which they have found no medical cure, how do I proceed in trying to help them? Generally along the following lines: If possible, enter into contact with the Reincarnating Ego, keeping your mind open for intuitive insight. And ask the Reincarnating Ego: 'What is the matter with your personality so that it has found itself in this unfortunate position? Where has the error been, what are your suggestions both mental and verbal and occult for the treatment of your personality? To what extent are you yourself working on this task and would collaborate in treatment?' That, generally, is my beginning in nearly all cases: Contact the Ego, notice the degree of development, find out if possible whether the sufferer has developed the aroused condition, psychologically, occultly or with kundalini in former lives. Did they in doing so set going any adverse karma by wrong or hurtful practices for others upon themselves; and how far are you and they from having reached a condition where the activities are susceptible of effective treatment? 

             This generally is my first action - what you might call, quite reverently however, 'a talk with the Ego'. By this means you avoid many of the difficulties, one of which is that the patient themself, either consciously or unconsciously, is practising concealment or deceitfulness - Meaning that they are keeping something back or they are deliberately misleading you about what they are suffering from. Now all of that has got to be found out at the beginning, the very first. It is a penetrating insight into the Ego, mind and psychology and even physical personality of the patient. Then, if successful, the results are duly noted and the patient begins to be advised, and if desirable certain invoked spiritual aid is called for on their behalf. Now, this in its turn, is not limited to the time of the interview, but is daily. One, every day, practices spiritual healing for those who come for aid. In order to be effective one must know the full names and of course the sex of the sufferer and what else is necessary about their personality, their surroundings, their relationships of their fellow members living in the home and any other experiences in their life up to now which are in any way related to their present predicaments. All this needs to be known, otherwise you are treating in the dark. So a very large part of psychic healing from this point of view is a penetrating research into the personality, psychology and Egohood of the individual as well as their karma from former and earlier in this life. All this alone enables you to apply the best and most likely effective type of treatment. And, I must say this and remind you that just as in the work of a doctor of first importance is the full history of the case, the full details and all the tests as of blood and organs and history and other diseases and so on, well still more so the would-be spiritual healer has to extend that investigation into the deeper issues and more private lives and Egohood of the sufferer. If you do not do this you are working in the dark and you are directing perhaps tremendous energies in directions which are ineffective and indeed, not needed. So you will excuse me for saying this: You cannot generalise about spiritual and psychic healing. You must take each case on its merits."

            It might be pointed out that although Mr. Hodson's  penetration into the difficulty was always considerable, he only revealed to the patient what they needed to know in order to help them, although he was far more forthcoming in giving his insights to the doctor that referred the case to him. There were good reasons for this privacy, sometimes the pain of knowledge was more than the patient could bear, but also it was for his own protection - as a seer living in the world he had to be careful that his cover was not revealed beyond a certain level and that he did not receive unwanted publicity thereby. In terms of actual healing offered - various options were open to him depending on the problem at hand which might include advice on lifestyle changes including attendance at church healing services, exorcism both of human and elemental entities, the direct invocation of angelic assistance and in the most difficult cases the invoking of the direct aid of a Master of the Wisdom. At various other times he has given his opinions in relation to treatments involving nuclear radiation (medically applied for some types of cancer even before this became a standard treatment), homeopathy, acupuncture, colour and magnetic therapies and recharging the energy field with life force (prana) by breath, living  foods and sunlight.

Was he then able to heal people? Sometimes he was, particularly in those cases where the karmic energies had mostly been neutralised by the person’s own corresponding good actions or perhaps by years of suffering or limitation, and he just needed to make some minor spiritual adjustments such for example as the application of elemental essence to patch a leaking aura. In other cases he would just supply recommendations for other alternative treatment such as homeopathy from a qualified practitioner. In some of these cases the patient recovered either immediately or shortly after their visit to him. However, in certain cases the adverse karma of the person was more serious, and due to inactivity or inability to redress the issues; the karma had become “ripe”, and consequently there was little anyone could do to effect a cure apart from a miracle and as Mr. Hodson reflected “even miracles occur under the law of cause and effect”. Such an example of a case with a negative prognosis is given below. This is one of several hundred superphysical investigations that Mr. Hodson conducted during his lifetime:

“Case A Cerebral tumour. Female, aged 21. Medical Report.

             This case appeared to have a perfectly sound constitution with no disease, except that there were short periods of weakness which occurred at about thirteen.

             Suddenly, in September, 1924, strange visual phenomena began; objects were seen in duplicate or divided into two, as if on different planes. This lasted for a few weeks; then general weakness set in, sight diminished and finally disappeared from the left eye. The right eye followed suit after a few months. The ability to balance was also affected, until the patient could not stand.

             The doctors diagnosed tumour of the brain, and tried to extirpate the tumour, but unsuccessfully, owing to severe haemorrhage.

             Four  months later a slight stroke of apoplexy occurred, from which the patient recovered with great difficulty. She has now found the use of her legs again, but sees no more, hears little, and cannot walk without leaning; nevertheless, she is up every day, though she lies down most of the time.

             At all times the intelligence has been most lucid and the memory perfect. She seems to have made a slight improvement; her faith in recovery is now assured, but there is no change in her blindness.

Clairvoyant Diagnosis. 

There is a tumour the size of the terminal phalanx of the little finger in the position of the Optic Chiasma. It is composed of practically solid tissue, at the centre of which is a small body of an irritant nature. The direction of its growth is upwards; in shape it is like a broad bean with the convex surface downwards, and the centre source of irritation is at the “hilum” of the bean, occupying a space about 1/16th of an inch in diameter; there is some congealed blood at the base of the tumour surrounding this. The tumour does not look malignant, inflammatory, or unhealthy; but is increasing in size, and is caused by an impurity in the blood-stream which first set up the primary irritation. The only hope lies in the possibility of the primary irritant being removed and the blood-stream purified. The impurity seems to have been there since birth.

            The karma of having inflicted torture appears to be the root cause. In a previous life, as a male, under orders from a superior, with a Y-shaped iron instrument she had burned out the eyes of certain victims who were condemned to that particular form of punishment. It was in a remote period, in a district where Carthage was later built, when such tortures were not regarded as being so terrible as they would be nowadays, and were the recognised custom of the country. Nevertheless, the pain was so terrible to the victims that many of them died under it.

            Inwardly the patient revolted against the office, and obeyed only through fear. The physical karma is therefore worse than the moral and spiritual. In this life the physical karma will probably be exhausted. The chances of recovery are very remote, and a miracle would be demanded to effect it.

            The latest news of this patient confirms this last conclusion.”

G. Hodson, The Science of Seership, Rider, London, 1933 (pp. 61-63)

             In this way Mr. Hodson came across a remarkable variety of causes of disease and suffering, some of them quite unusual by modern medical understanding; a common causal feature being - especially in the more serious and life-threatening diseases - the infliction of suffering upon others at some time in the past. This led him to recommend the spiritual life to people as a prophylactic for the long-term good of their physical health from life to life, as well as for its more established benefits. 

             In terms of prescriptive forms of spiritual healing of a general nature, Mr. Hodson was rather reluctant to give his endorsement, having observed that in the absence of clairvoyant vision,  healers sometimes inadvertently stimulate parts of the auric energy field or physical body which are already over stimulated. The only general approach that he recommended, which he said cannot have any harmful side-effects, was an invocation to the healing power of The Lord Jesus Christ. Despite his own remarkable access to different types of efficacious spiritual and energy based healing systems, both Mr. Hodson and his wife Sandra also performed this simple but efficacious method for almost an hour every morning. He said that even distance did not interfere with its effectiveness and he reported that they received letters and cables from people on their healing list from all over the world, who claimed their health to be greatly improved. His instructions were as follows, the procedure taking about one minute for each person:

             " I invoke the Healing Power of the Lord Jesus Christ upon ............... (use given and surname of the person, and think powerfully of them enveloped in the healing light of the Lord Christ, envisaging them as radiantly healthy, do not think of them in their diseased state at all).

             "May the healing Power of the Lord Jesus Christ descend upon him/her, pervade him/her, and remain with him/her, and may the holy angels encompass him/her, according to his/her karma (or if preferred "according to the will of God") --- AMEN".

Science: Mr. Hodson, when asked, would usually collaborate with scientists and utilise his clairvoyant abilities to help them with investigations which were too subtle for conventional examination in the laboratory. During his long life he had worked with several scientists, but notable examples were a small scientific team headed by Dr. E. Lester-Smith D.Sc. F.R.S. researching sub-atomic particles and various other areas and  Professor John Robinson D.Sc in the realm of Paleontology, especially in regard to fossil evidence of  early hominids. Both these distinguished scientists stood in admiration of Mr. Hodson’s clairvoyant abilities. In all probability scientific research in the future will benefit considerably from this type of research, but it will need to await the birth of more seers who have capacities of a similar magnitude to those of Mr. Hodson. In the course of some of his research work in this very painstaking and demanding field Mr. Hodson was occasionally asked for unrealistic things such as predicting readings from random number indicators – on such occasions he politely demurred saying that in order for the seer to co-operate in experiments his Spiritual Ego  had to have some interest in the project, which, frankly, in such a case it did not have. He much preferred that his abilities were taken for granted and on this basis he was prepared to help the scientists probe deeper into their field. He saw that as the correct professional relationship between the two disciplines of science and seership. An example of a typical type of question that Dr. Lester-Smith put to Mr. Hodson is quoted below along with his answer:

“Q. If you examine a living organism, animal or vegetable, do you see on magnification the sort of cellular structure that an ordinary microscope would reveal?

A. I do not recall; let me find out now. (After examining a blade of grass silently for a few minutes) – the answer seems to be no. I see first what I call fringe phenomena, then a lateral play of energy in both directions. But no cells are visible; my vision enters into the life-force aspect of the subject and I do not naturally notice the physical construction. However, I believe I have seen cells on some occasions.”

Extract from The Science Journal

The Arts: Earlier in his life Mr. Hodson had been a gifted baritone singer and he always valued the contribution of music to the expansion of human consciousness. He conducted many clairvoyant investigations into the superphysical forms thrown up by various songs and orchestral music, he stated in Music Forms:

 “Each note, when sounded or sung, produces ... a typical form in superphysical matter. These forms are colored by the way the sound is produced, and the size of the form is decided by the length of time in which a note is sounded or sung ... The composer originates and establishes the form, partly by the play of his consciousness during composition and partly by his own performance of the piece.”

In this research Mr. Hodson worked closely with a noted musician of his day Dr. Gordon Kingsley of California and in New Zealand  with Mr. Murray Stentiford M.Sc  and  various members of the well-known and musically gifted Dixon family. Such investigations are described in his book Music Forms, 1976, illustrations of which can be sighted at: and Clairvoyant Investigations, 1984, illustrations of which (items 18-26) can be sighted at:

            In his journeys around the world other opportunities occasionally occurred for Mr, Hodson to clairvoyantly investigate art-forms in different cultural settings, therefore in some of his books and journal articles interesting insights are also given into the inner side of such arts as poetry, dance and opera.

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