Oral History

Are there any friends or acquaintances out there who remember Geoffrey and Sandra Hodson and have questions or  contributions  to make concerning them? If so, please send me an E-mail so that  I  can either answer the question or post the information to the site.

  Bill Keidan


Hello Mr. Keidan,

Just wanted to tell you this.  

You can believe me or not, but it happened.

About six years ago I was sitting on a high rock in the forest, deep in silent meditation.   The day was still and bright, and in my deep inward calm I seemed to be gazing into the peaceful and pure ethers that abide within what we call the outer reality.   All at once I saw before me, approaching me, a beautiful white figure, shining and glowing in the already bright ethers.   He was striding effortlessly through the air and soon stood before me.   I saw him plainly but did not know who he was, but I noticed that he seemed to be clothed in more of a white suit than what I would think of as a robe.   I was completely unafraid because he smiled in such a kindly way and his feeling was so extremely friendly that I knew I was in the presence of an advanced and holy consciousness.   The next moment, he moved behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders, maintaining a gentle but firm pressure for perhaps three or four seconds.   After that I didn't see him any more, but I was still conscious for quite a while of the wonderfully friendly and sweet smile that he gave me when he stood before me.   I still see it now, as clear as ever.

It was a year or two later that I read a book by and about Geoffrey Hodson.   I think it was called The Occult Diary of G. H., or something close to that.   I had read other books by Hodson before my experience in the forest, but did not connect him with that experience.  Reading the Occult Diary book, I   remember turning the page and seeing the photographic portrait of Hodson.   "That's the man," I said, and I still have that opinion now.

Since my visitation I have kept a sort of journal of my meditations and experiences in the solitude and stillness of the forest.   The really funny thing is that sometimes I have to go over what I have written and take out the British spellings.   I could mention also that since that shining gentleman came to me in the forest and placed his hands on my shoulders I have frequently been aware of a mental nearness to the Master called D.K., and have sometimes been aware of a friendly encouragement from the Brotherhood of Luxor, whose existence I hardly even suspected before this.

All of this is true, and I just wanted to say to you that by this I see that life is indeed continuous, and Mr. Hodson is still with us, active and generous...and more kind than I can tell you.

Hron (full name supplied)

17th November 2001

Addition received by E-mail a few hours later:

“...I am completely delighted to hear that Geoffrey has come to you, and that he gave you some entrance into the realm of the nature spirits.  He did the same for me, and for some months I could think of nothing else. I would wait with barely contained impatience for the noon hour when I could run away from my work and from the screaming human world, first to enter the quiet forest, and then to enter the world within the forest.  He showed me some of the wonderful realm that he himself was shown so many years ago in the cozy little dells of England, and my gratitude never ceases.”


Originally found online at: http://www.geoffreyhodson.one.net.au/oral.html where it had disappeared in 2009. Published at KatinkaHesselink.Net in Juli 2009