An esoteric resource on the life and work of

Geoffrey Hodson

(1886 - 1983)

Theosophical teacher, mystic and gnostic seer.

            Geoffrey Hodson was a spiritual light-bringer to humanity who passed through the world during our time. His full significance was overlooked by many because he refused to intrude his personality into his teachings, effectively avoiding in his own life any accusation of the 'guru adoration syndrome' that has caused uncritical acceptance of some unwise teachings and unworthy behaviours during the last half century. By actualizing the core components of one of the world's authentic spiritual traditions (Theosophy) he acquired instead a profound humility, especially after his inner yogic practices brought him under the direct influence of Adept and Angelic teachers of the human race. 

            Having observed the depths of human misery as a British Army Officer on the Western Front during the First World War, Mr. Hodson spent the rest of his life in trying to remove the veil of ignorance that causes wars and suffering. How successful was he? Readers of this site will be able to make an assessment for themselves, although some aspects of his work probably lie beyond any merely human criticism. Having been privileged to have known Mr. Hodson well myself, I feel that his modus operandi and achievements are worthy of being remembered after his death, and at least until others of equal magnitude and ability rise to the surface to continue his combination of investigations and teaching so appropriate to the needs of our modern scientific age. Hence the offering of this website to such as may be interested.

Bill Keidan

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