How did he do it?

Bill Keidan

               As has already been mentioned Mr. Hodson expanded his consciousness through the advanced practice of Yoga and training in the Mysteries, a training that started many lifetimes ago and continued with some degree of effectiveness this time. He was also sincerely and deeply involved in trying to help people whom he came into contact with, which introduced a type of grace into his life sometimes absent in those who are too preoccupied with personal progress. In many ways this balanced equipoise made it possible for him to be used effectively for the work of the spiritual hierarchy and the angelic hosts. He was not a psychic in the ordinary sense of the word, although he certainly possessed remarkable conscious or trained clairvoyance which he could turn on and off at will. His mature ability was of a higher order than is generally met with in most psychics and is more aptly described as seership or sibylship, where he was able to unify his consciousness with the object of investigation and as it were see from the inside out. This was particularly useful when he was the recipient of teachings from a Master of the Wisdom or an Archangelic Teacher, because the quality of the information received was very pure by this method. He also had the extraordinary ability to be able to keep a link in physical brain consciousness whilst his super-physical investigations were underway, so that it was possible to speak to him and ask questions at the same time, although his voice at these times often reflected the awesome splendour of the inner realms. Therefore, the answer as to how he did it was that he took the genuine and perennial teachings of the spiritual life (Theosophy) and through intense effort over many lives mastered them, rather like a great concert pianist starts off with the same piano keyboard as everyone else, but by a combination of natural talent and intense effort eventually masters the instrument so it can be used as an extension of body, emotion, mind and spirit.

            Some people might be interested to know how Mr. Hodson approached his consulting sessions. If a person had come to him for clairvoyant diagnosis of a psychological state or a morbid physical condition then the methods described previously, under Clairvoyant Research (Disease and Healing), were employed. He could usually do this work very quickly, but if in addition some immediate spiritual intervention or healing was needed the session would take a little longer. If, on the other hand, the person was reasonably in tact in their psychology and physical health and had come to see him for purposes of spiritual guidance his approach was slightly different. In such a case he would tend to be more conversational in order to allow the person to enter at their own comfort level. For example, he might start by saying, "Do any of the old civilisations attract you?" If the person responded specifically, he would then go on to possibly validate the inquirer's perception from his own yogic insight. He might perhaps tell them that they had several incarnations in that particular civilisation, might even name the king or historical dynasty that they lived under, how well or badly their career progressed both in spiritual terms and by the standards of the day, if they came under the benign influence of the wisdom tradition in one its various forms and what progress or even mistakes they made etc. Further questions concerning the person’s current interests, family life, occupation and general lifestyle would then give him an opportunity to offer suggestions on strengths and weaknesses of character, suggested forms of meditation and ideals of service. Although he was by no means rigid and prescriptive, he did feel a deep responsibility to preserve safe practice in the spiritual life, and often ended up suggesting one or other forms of Religion, Yoga or Mystery School activity which was known to be safe. More rarely he recommended some quite unexpected discipline which was directly matched to that person’s specific needs.

            Occasionally, as he traveled round the world, he came into contact with very advanced people. For example, a child might be brought to him who had been an Initiate or realised yogi in a previous life, naturally the advice that he was going to give to such a person or their parents was going to be very different to what he would give to the usual aspirant – by and large these people required little advice on spiritual discipline, they just needed enough space to become themselves, their own internal direction and previous attainment effectively doing the rest. But whatever a person’s need Mr. Hodson would identify it, try and meet it, and help the person move forward along their chosen path. At the bottom of the whole process was the fact that each person’s spiritual Ego in its own realm of consciousness knows exactly what direction it wants to take, but in most people the lines of communication between Ego, mind, emotions and body are not working very effectively, whereas in the case of Mr. Hodson those lines were flowing freely. This put him in a privileged position with those who came to see him because he could help them to know what their own soul Ego wanted for them. Yet, in all of this his advice was offered non-dogmatically, for the person’s consideration only, to accept or reject as they saw fit. This spiritual counseling comprised one of his many forms of service that he offered freely and unstintingly to those who needed it.

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