Conclusion about Geoffrey Hodson

Bill Keidan

            Geoffrey Hodson took the hard option of being a yogi and a seer in the "market place" rather than in an isolated forest or mountain ashram. Because of his highly developed spiritual sensitivity he had to suffer much for doing this and he had to carefully choose his words, because a world riven by dogma and ideology cannot bear to receive too much light. But he had both the wisdom and the resilience to succeed where others may have failed, and how well he rose to his task! Students of esoteric matters owe him more of a debt than can be adequately expressed, and it is unlikely that we will see a person of his diversity of spiritual and occult gifts again within our lifetime. However, he is not lost for ever, for his Master advised that in his next incarnation on earth he will take up the profession of an occult historian – an expansion of only one aspect of the work that he dealt with in this life passed. Can we contemplate the history of the world as well as that of individuals rewritten from the imperishable historic (akashic) record rather than merely from the point of view of the dominant culture or those who won the wars? What a revelation, what a challenge for our law courts, universities, political institutions, religions and sciences! - to actually be confronted by factual observation rather than by opinions - will our institutions ever be able to bear the strain? Let us hope that we are in incarnation at that time so that we may both hear those revelations and see their effects on Society.

            When Mr. Hodson died in 1983 he was not really given the sort of international acclaim and appreciation that the passing of such a great sage, seer and apostle of truth warrants, although an attempt was made in the New Zealand and American Sections of The Theosophical Society and amongst his great friends in The Philippines. In order to make up for this omission and on behalf of all those who still have fond memories of him and his faithful wife Sandra, through numerous revelations of truth and many acts of compassion and kindness, I have prepared this website and say:

"Vale! Geoffrey, thankyou for the light you gave to the world and we hope to have the privilege to meet you again somewhere further along the Path."

Originally found online at: where it had disappeared in 2009. Published at KatinkaHesselink.Net in Juli 2009