Contacts with The Angelic (Deva) Kingdom

Bill Keidan

               The development of Mr. Hodson’s connection with the Angel (Deva) Kingdom started with his earliest observation of Nature Spirits initially drawn attention to by the excited behaviour of his fox terrier, Peter (The Occult Diary pp 11-12). It progressed with his link with the Archangel Bethelda who contacted him whilst he was meditating near a Beech Forest in Shepscombe, Gloucestershire, England (ibid pp 14-17). It subsequently culminated with him being met in every country that he visited by members of the Deva or Angelic Hosts, who recognised him as an Ambassador between the Human and the Angelic Kingdoms - they would sometimes greet him as a "Kundalini brother" as they observed the same spiritual fire was developed in him as powered their own existence. They would offer their assistance whilst he was resident in that country and suggest other areas of angelic activity for his investigation. He once explained how the Archangel Bethelda had brought about this privileged international contact by placing a seal within his aura which drew other members of the Angelic Hosts to him. On another occasion he stated how helpful certain orders of Healing Angels had been in his healing work, not only with sufferers who came to him, but also in renewing his own energies when they were flagging due to overwork.

            Mr. Hodson was the great theosophical authority of his generation on the subject of Angelology. His illustrated books on the subject The Kingdom of The Gods (1952) and Clairvoyant Investigations (1984) are expert, informative and detailed about the appearance and functions of this parallel evolution and can usefully be read by all students who are interested in the subject matter. His other Angel books (see Booklist) contain further fascinating descriptions of the Angels and their work. His contribution in this area is also an important piece of demystification, so badly needed today as a corrective in our materialistic society when even some religious authorities have relegated the Angelic Hosts to a purely symbolic significance. Mr. Hodson clearly portrays the Angelic Kingdom as a very real, but parallel Kingdom to our own, whose work brings about the evolution of both consciousness and form on earth and throughout the universe. Although the Angels often help and co-operate with humanity in various ways, it is a characteristic piece of human arrogance to think that they exist entirely for that purpose. They actually exist to serve God in his universe along their own line of evolution. When individual humans co-operate with the Divine Plan they are helped and succoured by the Angels, when they work against it the Angels become the impartial mechanism whereby negative karma is reaped through the so called demonic aspect or what in the Jewish Kabbalah is referred to as The Inverse Sephiroth. Other orders of angels have a dual function as in the case of the Angel of Death observed by Mr. Hodson (The Inner Side of Church Worship, 1930 pp 47-48) which not only severs the silver cord connecting the body to the soul at the moment of death, but also performs a loving and protective function in the transition of the newly dead to higher planes of consciousness.

            An important feature of Mr. Hodson’s mission was to mediate to humanity the fact that the angels are already active in unseen ways in our lives, but they are prepared to play an even greater part if we are able to open ourselves to them. The following selections that Mr. Hodson himself made from his book The Brotherhood of Angels and of Men (1927) explain the angel perspective:

            "The first essential on your side is a belief in our existence."

            "In your scientific studies, as they take you deeper into the super-physical realms, be ever observant of our place in the manipulation and adjustment of Nature’s forces. Behind every phenomenon you will find a member of our race.          

             So long as the presence of our invisible hosts is ignored by science there will be gaps in their knowledge, gaps which can only be filled by a comprehension of our place in the scheme of things."

            "Those who would find us must learn to contact Nature far more intimately than is at present possible to the average man. In addition to a deeper appreciation of the beauty of Nature there must be that reverence for all her forms and moods, for all her manifold expression, which springs from a recognition of the presence of the Divine of which these forms, moods, and beauties are but the outward expression.

            Members of the angel hosts are hovering over the heads of all congregations, standing beside every priest; yet how often do they find themselves shut out by barriers upraised by human minds! Let priest and congregation alike throw open their minds to a recognition of our presence in their midst; soon, very soon, some will begin to hear the beating of our wings, to feel an added power in their work, and, later, an increasing happiness in their lives."

            "Our sphere of usefulness to God will be enlarged by sharing yours; your lives will be enriched, your world made glad by the inauguration of the Brotherhood of Angels and of Men."

            "Discord and ugliness must vanish from the world; to remove it is our task and yours – but yours first."

            "To every man and woman in every walk of life in the lower worlds, the angels come. Bearing their perfume, the aroma of eternal ecstasy. They would waken in the hearts of every man a craving for that everlasting bliss; would give to men the knowledge that they have a heavenly home, would show them in the mirror of the mind the reflection of their heavenly self – the vision of their own immortality."

            Finally, a quotation, said to have been received from a Mountain God, which concludes Mr. Hodson’s remarkable illustrated book The Kingdom of the Gods, 1952:

            "The Gods await the conscious re-union of the mind of man with the Universal Mind. Humanity awakens slowly. Matter-blinded through centuries, few men as yet perceive the mind within the substance, the life within the form.

            "In search of power and wealth, men have traversed the whole earth, have penetrated the wilds, scaled the peaks and conquered the polar wastes. Let them now seek within the form, scale the heights of their own consciousness, penetrate its depth, in search of that inner Power and Life by which alone they may become strong in will and spiritually enriched.

            "He who thus throws open his life and mind to the Universal Life and Mind indwelling in all things will enter into union therewith and to him the Gods will appear."

            The following hyperlinks to the world wide web will allow the interested reader to gain some visual insights into the illustrations of Nature Spirits and Angels which were painted by artists according to Mr. Hodson’s detailed instructions, however - as Mr. Hodson himself intimated - no matter how gifted the artist, attempts to portray multi-dimensional beings of living fire in two dimensions are bound to fall short:

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