Hasidic Prayer

Hillel Zeitlin

Father of all worldly things:
You create your world afresh each passing second,
And were you to withdraw your loving kindness from creation,
All would be as nothing in the twinkling of an eye.

But moment by moment you empty the vessels of blessing upon
   your creatures:
The morning stars appear again and sing you their love song
And the sun sallies forth boldly to sing its song of strength.
And the poor man cloaks himself again and bares his heart to you,
And again his soul's prayer cleaves your heavens as it ascends before you,
And again his body breaks beneath your terrible glory,
And again his eye is lifted towards you.

But one ray of your light and I abound in light,
But one word from you and I am reborn,
But one tremor of your eternal life and I am drenched in the dew
    of childhood.
O you who create all anew, O Father, create me, your child, anew.
Breathe in me the breath of your nostrils and I will live a new life,
    even a new life of childhood.