Great Magnet

Druid Hymn to the sun

GREAT MAGNET! Thy hidden power
Draws us ever onward to spaces anew.
Secret in the earth Thy life-forces waken
Stirrings and whispers that the ear cannot hear;
Later will come birth in the fullness of Thy splendour -
Now is the time of Thy mystery of nature,
Now does the cycle in Thy great turning blend;
All that has been shall lend to what comes after,
All that will come lies hidden in Thy promise.
Foster all the good that was gleaned in the harvest,
In the days that are past, when the growing time was o'er;
High resolve let us make in the new awakened glory.
Radiant One! Radiant One! Ignite us with Thy fire!
Carry we our boughs of the symbol eternal,
Constant and verdant throughout the season's change;
Strew we our violets on all the stony places -
Symbol of the BLESSED ONES who trod this way before.
Onward we move in the cycle's nascent stirring,
Onward we tread following Thy course.