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'Abd al-Qadir as-Sufi ad-Darqawi


AE (George William Russell)

George William Russell (AE) quotations

Al Ghazzali

Quotes by Al Ghazzali

Alcyone (Jiddu Krishnamurti)

At the Feet of the Master

Ananikian, G.V. (Grigor Vahan)

A Comparison of the Gradual and Sudden Paths

In Support of Genuine Theosophy

Aquinas, Saint Thomas

We are Fields Before Each Other

Could you embrace that?

Aranthai Manian

"Kalakshetra" and Rukmini Devi


Teaching of Great Compassion, a meditation

Ashish, Sri Madhava

The Secret Doctrine as a Contribution to World Thought


Asoka's Edicts

Assisi, Saint Francis of

God would kneel down

The Sacraments

St. Francis's prayer


Atisha's Pith Sayings

Avila, Saint Teresa of

The servant of Unity

Baljon, J.M.S.

'Religion and Thought of Shah Wali Allah Dihlawi', 1703–1762

Bain, A. (Alan)

The term theosophy, historically viewed

Bainbridge, John

John Bainbridge - Torote, UK, interviewed by the Gurdjieff Internet Guide

Barks, Coleman

Fall in Love the Rumi Way. Interview with Coleman Barks by Laura Sheahen

Beck-Ohara, Daniel

What Is and Who Is Speaking, Listening

Behari, Bepin

Tapas, the instrument of the spiritual Will

Belleau, Jim

Interview with Jim Belleau by Guy Hoffman

Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron

Practicing Patience

Blake, A. G. E.

Gurdjieff and Now - Group work and the unexpected

The Music and Movements of Gurdjieff

Possible Foundations Of Inner Exercises

Blake, William

The Holy One


The Bodhisattva Vow, part of the general heritage of Buddhism.

Boruah, B.H. (Bijoy H.)

Atman in Sunyata and the Sunyata of Atman, An attempt to reconcile the alleged difference between Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta on the nature of the Self

Bowen, P.G.B.

The Secret Doctrine and it's Study

Bradford, Hope

Transforming desire, channeling Kuan Yin

Brian Bruya, Tsai Chih Chung

Gain and Loss, Knowledge and Action, Good and Evil, Concern doesn't bring wisdom

Buddha (Gautama)

The Heart Suttra

Caldwell, D.H. (Daniel)

Hugh Shearman quotes A.P. Sinnett on the Mahatma Letters


Hymn 3: To Artemis

Chalkley, Martyn

Interview with Martyn Chalkley, UK, for the Gurdijeff Internet Guide

Chatterji, M. (Mohini)

Morality and Pantheism

MAN: Fragments of a Forgotten History, by: "Two Chelas" in the Theosophical Society

Chodron, Pema

The Practice of Tonglen (compassion)

Taming the Mind

Chohan (Maha)

View of the Chohan on the T.S.

Clark, Rev. C. Robbins

Homily to Marion Zimmer Bradley

Codd, C.M. (Clara)

Letters to Spiritual Aspirants

The Adepts Inner Knowledge and Powers

Collin-Smith, Joyce

Beloved Icarus, The Life and Work of Rodney Collin, author of "The Theory of Celestial Influence."

Cranch, C.P.


Cuevas-Barnett, Gloria

Gloria Cuevas-Barnett Interviewed by Guy Hoffman

Danten, C. (Charles)

Slaves to our Affection, on pets in our lives

Obstacles to Change, Charles Danten

We have gone Pet Crazy, Charles Danten

Das, Lama Surya

It is easier to get enlightened than to stay enlightened

Das, Ram

Duty (Dharma) in the Bhagavad Gita

Darby, L. (Lily)

Clara Codd

Dark, T. (Tom)

The Emergence of African Avatars and the Secret of Fatima, four part article.


The Sage and Samsara

Different authors.

Miscellaneous quotes by various authors

Doboom Tulku, Lama

The Nature of Buddhist Meditation

Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements


Dromtonpa's Outline of the Path

Dunn, R.  (Robert)

Circles of Identity

Durkheim, Karlfried Gras

The way of transformation

Farnell, K. (Kim)

The Many Lives of Mabel Collins

Farthing, G. (Geoffrey)

The Etheric Double: the far reaching effects of a false assumption

Francis, St. of Assisi

Prayer. Lord may I be an instrument of your peace ...

Franklin, James L.

Sogyal Rinpoche on the fear of death and dying

G--- M--- (anonymous)

The "Elixir of Life"  

Gardner, E.L.

There is No Religion Higher Than Truth (about C.W. Leadbeater)

Ginsburg, Seymour

The High Commission and other Sacred Individuals, What Do They Represent?

All & Everything 2003 - the 8th International Humanities Conference

Sy Ginsburg, USA interviewed by the Gurdijeff Internet Guide

Giten, Swamy Dhyan

Meditation exercises

Go, Plavan N.

Entropy and the Laws of World-creation and World-maintenance

Plavan N. Go Interview, by the Gurdijeff Internet Guide

Gregory, Peter

Sudden & Gradual: Approaches to Enlightenment in Chinese Thought

Hall, E. (Elizabeth)

The Sufi Tradition, Interview with Idries Shah

At home in east and west, A Sketch of Idries Shah, by Elizabeth Hall

Hamaker, A.W. (Alice Warren)

The Physical Ailments of Occultists

Harriss, Mark

Self, World and incarnation (on reincarnation)

Hidveghy, Agnes

Agnes Hidveghy interviewed by Reijo Elsner

An Expression of Legominism in Christian Language: The Retabel of Isenheim

Hodson, Sandra

Extracts from Light of the Sanctuary, the Occult Diary of Geoffrey Hodson

Hogrogian, Nonny

David Kherdian & Nonny Hogrogian, USA, interviewed by the Gurdijeff Internet Guide

Holloway, Laura C.

MAN: Fragments of a Forgotten History, by: "Two Chelas" in the Theosophical Society

Holmen, Rachel E.

A biography of Marion Zimmer Bradley

Damien P. Horigan

Christmas Humphreys: A Buddhist Judge in Twentieth Century London

Hoskins, Y (Yanthe)

Foundations of Esoteric Philosophy from the writings of H.P. Blavatsky

Hui Neng (sixth Patriarch of Chan Buddhism)

The Sutra of Hui Neng

Humphreys, C. (Christmas)

The River of Becoming

Ibn Arabi

God deposited within Human Beings ...

The Anguish of Love

Iyer, Raghavan

The Word Made Flesh

The Dalai Lama interviewed by Raghavan Iyer shortly after leaving Tibet

Jagaro, A. (Ajahn)

Anatta (Non-self) and Kamma (Karma) ; The Best Kept Secret in the Universe

Beyond Boredom and Depression

Death and Dying

Jaqua, M.R.

What is Initiation?

John of the Cross

Peace and Holiness

Jonsson, Kenneth

Kenneth Jonsson, Sweden, interviewed by the Gurdjieff Internet Guide

Joseph, Brian

The Giving Gift, A Holiday Short Story


Kahn, Hazrat Inayat

Bowl of Saki, quotes with explanations by Hazrat Samuel L. Lewis (a selection)

Kherdian, David

David Kherdian & Nonny Hogrogian, USA, interviewed by the Gurdijeff Internet Guide

Koot Homi (Koot Hoomi, Koot Humi etc. Mahatma)

Last K.H.-letter to Annie Besant

Letter 68

Krishna, P. 

Five Lectures on Inner and Outer Change

Kunkyen Longchen Rabjam

Life's Impermanence

Lawrence, Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips Lawrence, UK, interviewed by the Gudjieff Internet Guide

Icons from the view of the Master Craftsman

Lee Hill, Bonnie Lumbu, Elaine M.

Kimpa Vita

Simon Kimbangu

Manen, J. van (Johan)

Concerning the "Occult Chemistry" Researches

How the Vision was Analysed

My Occult Experiences

Mann, A. (Alan)

An Andrew Cohen Seminar

Marsh, E. (Eric)

Here There and Everywhere

Theosophical Society: a Re-appraisal

Martin, Donald

Why Think Positively?

Masefield, John

The Road I made

Maxwell Taylor, John

John Maxwell Taylor, USA, interviewed by the Gurdjieff Internet Guide

Merrell-Wolff, Franklin

Is Theosophy Authentic?

Mesa, Will

Will Mesa, USA, interviewed by Guy Hoffman

An Experiment Extracted from Beelzebub's Tales

Miles, Eustace

LIFE AFTER LIFE, or The Theory of Reincarnation (FAQ)

Mitler, Matt

Matt Mitler, USA, interviewed by Guy Hoffman

Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi

Short Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

Morris, K. (Kenneth)

The Cauldren of Caridwen

What About Purucker's "New Teachings"?, "The Esoteric Tradition": by G. de Purucker 

Mother Teresa

Short Mother Teresa Quotes


Invocation to Tara

Ole Nydahl, Lama

The various forms of Buddhism as relating to each other according to Tibetan Buddhism

Oron, A. (Abraham)

What does Theosophy say on our Relationship with the Downtrodden?

Ott, Dwight

Esoteric Christianity, Dwight Ott

Parmenides of Elea

Extracts from "On Nature"

Pert, Alan

Biography of Anna Kingsford


Within the Sanctuary

Price, Roger

H.P. Blavatsky's Meditation Diagram


On the Operation of Demons

Quinn, William W. 

Harry Potter and Maximizing Cyclic Opportunities


Praise be to God

Ram Das

Letting go on the path to enlightenment

Ram, L.


Ravindra, R. (Ravi)

The Mill and the Mill-Pond; A Twenty-year Conversation with J. Krishnamurti

Who Am I

Gary L. Ray

(Funny) Buddhist terms your guru never taught you

Reigle, David

Who Are the Dugpas in Theosophical Writings

Reyes, Jose

Jose Reyes, Dominican Republic, interview by the Gurdjieff Internet Guide

Rinpoche, Patrul

Advice from me to myself

Rinpoche, Sogyal

The Mind and the Nature of Mind

Prayer of blessing to all sentient beings

Sogyal Rinpoche on the fear of death and dying, James L. Franklin

Ritsema, A. (Ali)


Roberts, Kevin

Paying our Debt

Roethke, Theodore

Ripples and Waves

Rodriguez, I. (Idarmis)

The Vegetarian and Vegan Way of Life

Rosenblat, Herman

The girl with the apple, on war, love and survival

Royle, John A. 

Fable for the New Year


Sufism [and the sources of Gurdjieff's teachings]

Russell, George William (AE)

George William Russell (AE) quotations

Sambava, P. (Padma)

The natural liberation through naked vision, identifying intelligence

Saurat, Dennis

G. I. Gurdjieff - an interview

Schaefer, T. J. (Tim)

Circles of Identity

Stewards, John 

The Ship of Fools

Schumann, H.W. (Hans Wolfgang)

Karma in Buddhism

Sellon, Emily B. and Weber, Dr. Renée

Theosophy and the Theosophical Society

Sharp, Ann

Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mistress of Magic

Siémons, L. (Louis)Tsai Chih Chung, Brian Bruya

Gain and Loss, Knowledge and Action, Good and Evil, Concern doesn't bring wisdom

Theosofia In Neo-Platonic and Christian Literature Summary and Conclusions

Sharfuddin Maneri (Shaik)

Nafs - extracts from letters

Sinnett, A.P.

The Vicitudes of Theosophy

Sisson, M.C. (Marina Cesar)

New Light on the First Marriage of HPB

Sivananda, Sri Swami

Prophet Mohammed

Small, K. (Ken)

Carmen Helena Small - July 6, 1918 - April 21, 2004 - obituary, Ken Small

Solomon, Avi

Richard Wachtel interviewed by Avi Solomon

Spanger, David

Quotes from 'The Magic of Findhorn'

Spierenburg, H.J. (Henk)

The Three Hypostases or Four Quarters of Âtman

Steiner, Rudolf


Quotes on the Theosophical Society

Stewards, John

The Ship of Fools

Stubbs, Steve

Who Am I? - Zen Tenbroeck (Dallas)

Taimni, I.K

The tempo of modern life and spiritual evolution

Thales of Argos

The Mystery of Christ -Apocryphal Letters of Thales of Argos; Translated from the Russian by B.J.G. Schokking

Thanissaro, Bhikkhu

It's not about fatalism - on karma in Buddhism

Mindfulnes of breathing

Mindfulness defined for Theravada Buddhism

Thompson, Barry

Theosophy and after Death States, Devachan and spiritualism; Blavatsky and Leadbeater

Tolstoy, Leo

How much land does a man need?

Three questions

Truden, Nikolay Sisoev-

Truden vs. Advaita, or, The Birth of I Am

Trungpa Chögyam

The Bridge of Compassion

Facing life as it is

Tsai Chih Chung, Brian Bruya

Gain and Loss, Knowledge and Action, Good and Evil, Concern doesn't bring wisdom

Tsong Kapa

Tsong Kapa's Medium Length Transcendent Insight

Vaysse, Jean

NOT expressing negative emotions, One riskfree aspect of selfdiscovery

Questions - On life, being human and seeking truth

Vachet, Helene

Harry Potter and the Perennial Quest

Wachtel, Richard

Richard Wachtel interviewed by Avi Solomon

Wachtmeister (Countess)

Countess Wachtmeister on HPB and the writing of the Secret Doctrine, abstracts from the book.

Wadia, B.P.

The Inner Ruler

Wadsworth Longfellow, Henry

A Psalm of Life

Waite, A.E.

Biography of Paracelsus

Biography of Albertus Magnus

Walsh, Roger

Spiritual Emergency and Spiritual Emergence? New Views of Shamans' (mental) Health

Watts, Alan

The World's Most Dangerous Book (the Bible)

Weber, Dr. Renée and Emily B. Sellon

Theosophy and the Theosophical Society

Weeks, N. Nicholas

The Masters in Vaudeville - Again

The Path of Self-Reliance

Wedgwood, J.I.

Meditation for Beginners

West, John Anthony

Encountering Gurdjieff

John Anthony West, USA interviewed by Guy Hoffman & Reijo Elsner

Whitman, Walt

To Him that was Crucified

Wilcox, Marian

Obituary for Pir Vilayat Inayat Kahn (1916 - 2004) (Lucifer7)

Wilson, Joseph Bearwalker

Tell me your vision ... The Ancient One, native american lore

Wodehouse, E.A.

The Order of the Star in the East, its inner and outer work

Wolke, Gerry

Life has a few simple rules

Wood, E. (Ernest)

Clairvoyant investigations by C.W. Leadbeater on Alcyone's (or Krishnamurti's) previous lives. (with extensive notes by C. Jinarajadasa)

If I Were President, The Election Manifesto of Ernest Wood

"There is no religion higher than Truth"

Woodward, Mark

Do not use me God

Zeitlin, Hillel

Hasidic Prayer

Zirkoff, B. (Boris)

Thoughts on Public Speaking