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A coffee bean

A Study of Two, C.L.D.

A Turkish Effendi on Christendom and Islam

Albertus Magnus


Annual  Letter from the United Lodge of Theosophists for 2004


Astral Journeys

Big Rocks and sand - time management.

Biography of Annie Besant

Buddha's Life

C.W. Leadbeater, a Great Occultist

Christian Jokes

Christian Quotations

Did Jesus Christ exist?

The life of Jesus Christ

Cornelius Agrippa

Discussion on an e-mailgroup on how one can see Jesus in a vision in a particular shape

Eight jhanas or stages of meditation in Theravada Buddhism

Examination For Chelaship

First Warning, It’s time for Allah’s word!

General Fourth Way Quotes

General Sufism Quotes

George William Russell - AE - In Memoriam 

Golden Rule in Various Religions

Henry Steel Olcott, short biography starting with his pre-theosophical years

Hermes Trismegistus

How the Chicken crossed the Road (pagan style)

Irish Group, member of the

Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha walk on water

Karma, quotes and thoughts

Key Points of Buddhism, some central thoughts

Leaders and Leadership

Lectures from the Fraternization Movement Congress in Toronto, 1935

Love (altruistic, religious) Quotes

Mahayana Buddhist Vows

Meditation in Action: Master - disciple story

Miscellaneous quotes by various authors

Modern art and theosophy

Nirvana Quotes

Nor Aught, Nor Nought Existed ... Rig Veda

Observation, consciousness, science and truth

Orthodox Christian Monasticism

Once upon a time...

On the goddess and the devil

On the Importance of Being Affirmative

On the letter alledgedly by Koot Hoomi to Annie Besant, in 1900.


Pico Della Mirandola

Religious Jokes

Religious Questions, master - disciples story

Rules for a perfect day


Serenity quotes

Shit Happens (spiritual jokes)

Short Spiritual

Simon Magus

Something More About Anonymity

Spiritual enlightenment in Hinduism and Buddhism

Spiritual life

Sufi Quotes

More (sufi) Stories

Stories from Zen Buddhism

The Four Noble Truths, and some modern variations

The Path and its Difficulties

The Totality of Man

The truth about man - Adam and Eve in the Garden

The Wedhatama - Early Theosophy in Indonesia

The word Reincarnation in Psychological Literature

Theosophical jokes

Three versions of The Story of Jumping Mouse

What is dearest to us, master - disciple story

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road (philosophically and political style)

Why Buddhist Meditation doesn't always work

Zen Stories