Miscellaneous Spiritual Quotes

“A most excellent rule to find this spiritual self is the following: Whenever you have impulses to indulge in selfish action, refrain. Whenever you seek purely personal self-advancement, and particularly when others lose by it, then “abhor” the temptation, as Shakespeare says. Ah! This alone is a spiritual exercise which requires a true man’s strength, the willpower and energy of a true man. Weaklings cannot do it although indeed they may dream of doing it, and this dream is a good thing because some day they will pass from dreaming to action.”
Questions We All Ask by G. de Purucker, Second Series: No. 30 (March 30, 1931)


A church that doesn't provoke any crises, a gospel that doesn't unsettle, a word of God that doesn't get under anyone's skin, a word of God that doesn't touch the real sin of the society in which it is being proclaimed - what gospel is that? Very nice, pious considerations that don't bother anyone, that's the way many would like preaching to be. Those preachers who avoid every thorny matter so as not to be harassed, so as not to have conflicts and difficulties, do not light up the world they live in.

Excerpted from The Violence of Love by Oscar Romero.

Perception and choice significantly influences the quality of life we experience - i.e., we set the course we follow by how we interpret and react to what we perceive the situations we encounter demands.

Samurai ponderings.

The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing.

Eric Berne, US psychiatrist, writer

"INTERIOR knowledge, earnest aspiration, and purity of  thought and life, are the keys by which alone can be opened the gates of the inmost and highest sphere." (Clothed With the Sun, pt. i. xxxix.) The Bible tells us that "the words of the Lord are pure words - even as the silver, which from the earth is tried, and purified seven times in the fire;" (Ps. xii. 6.) from which we are intended to understand that God's truth is spiritual, and that all divine revelations are to be understood, not in a literal but in a spiritual sense. The Kingdom of God is not of this world. He who would know the truth must seek it above and within, where alone it is to be found. The heart must be lifted up, and the door of the outer senses must be shut. When Samuel heard the voice of the Lord, we are told, he was "laid down in the temple of the Lord, where the ark of God was"; (I Sam. iii. 3) and so must it be with us, if we would hear that voice. "Truth itself is unutterable, save by God to God." (Clothed With the Sun, pt. i. iv.) "When man," says Anna Kingsford, "has wearied himself to despair in futile endeavours to seize and fix truth on the plane of sense and fact, if he be worthy and faithful God reveals to him the higher plane of the Noumenal and Divine, where alone truth eternally abides." In these pregnant words is to be found the keynote of the present volume of Lectures, Essays and Letters given and written by the late Anna Kingsford, to which have been added some letters written by her friend and collaborator, the late Edward Maitland.

[Quoted from the beginning of the "Biographical Preface" (by Samuel Hopgood Hart) to the book: "THE CREDO OF CHRISTENDOM and other Addresses and Essays on Esoteric Christianity" (1916) by Anna Bonus Kingsford and Edward Maitland.]

In the sacred book of the Sikhs (the Guru Granth Sahib), can be found many interesting statements by Guru Nadak and his successors. Among them is the following: God is like sugar strewn on the earth. A big elephant can not pick it up but small ants can. 

When we aspire to be big elephants, we miss the sweetness of life on earth, which only a simple mind experiences and delights in. A worldly mind cannot be simple - except in the sense of being dull, naive or underdeveloped. The mind becomes truly simple only when it is free of the turbulent and complicated emotions and thoughts to which self-centredness gives birth; these are the products of selfish and materialistic aims and values. Simplicity is not a matter of having only a few clothes or living in a hut under the sky. It is in the mind which does not waste itself on non-essentials. 

Radha Burnier, President of the Theosophical Society, Theosophist, July 2001

Integrity is not a 90 percent thing, not a 95 percent thing; either you have it or you don't.

-  Peter Scotese

Those who worship me and meditate on me constantly, without any other thought, I will provide for all their needs.

Those who worship other gods with faith and devotion also worship me, Arjuna, even if they do not observe the usual forms. I am the object of all worship, its enjoyer and Lord.

-Bhagavad Gita 9:22-24
We have a choice: to plow new ground or let the weeds grow.

-  Jonathan Westover
The light of Brahman flashes in lightning;
The light of Brahman flashes in our eyes.
It is the power of Brahman that makes
The mind to think, desire, and will.
Use this power to meditate on Brahman.

He is the inmost Self of everyone;
He alone is worthy of all our love.
Meditate upon him in all. Those who
Meditate upon him are dear to all.

-Kena Upanishad Excerpted from The Upanishads, translated by Eknath Easwaran, copyright 1987. Nilgiri Press, www.nilgiri.org.
Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

-  Dale Carnegie
Many are the men who piously bathe in purifying waters,
While in their dark hearts impure conduct lies concealed.

Neither shaven head nor long locks are required,
Provided one refrains from conduct condemned by the world.

-Tirukkural 28: 278, 280 Excerpted from the Tirukkural, translated by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Copyright Himalayan Academy Publications, www.himalayanacademy.com.
As a man abandons worn-out clothes and acquires new ones, so when the body is worn out a new one is acquired by the Self, who lives within.

-Bhagavad Gita 2: 22 Excerpted from The Bhagavad Gita, translated by Eknath Easwaran, copyright 1985. Reprinted with permission from Nilgiri Press, www.nilgiri.org.

Be an opener of doors for such as come after thee, and do not try to make the universe a blind alley.

-  Ralph Waldo Emerson
One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30 days, but it is the man who has it for 30 years who makes a success of his life.

-  Edward B. Butler

Removing the incurable cancer called hatred
Reveals one's undying, undiminishing radiance.

The destruction of hatred, that sorrow of sorrows,
Yields to man the joy of joys.

-Tirukkural 86: 853-54 Excerpted from the Tirukkural, translated by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Copyright Himalayan Academy Publications, www.himalayanacademy.com.
People who matter are most aware that everyone else does, too.

-  Malcolm Forbes
Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.

-  Anonymous

He who loves Me is made pure;
his heart melts in joy.
He rises to transcendental consciousness
by rousing his higher emotions.
Tears of joy flow from his eyes,
his hair stands on end,
his heart melts in love.

-Srimad Bhagavatam Reprinted from "The Wisdom of the Hindu Gurus," edited by Timothy Freke, published by Godsfield Press.
Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.

-  George Bernard Shaw
The Self is hidden in the hearts of all,
As butter lies hidden in cream. Realize
The Self in the depths of meditation -
The Lord of Love, supreme Reality,
Who is the goal of all knowledge.

-Shvetashvatara Upanishad From The Upanishads, translated by Eknath Easwaran, copyright 1987. Reprinted with permission from Nilgiri Press, www.nilgiri.org
Desire and aversion are of the mind.
The mind is never yours.
You are free of its turmoil.

You are awareness itself,
Never changing.

Wherever you go,
Be happy.

-Ashtavakra Gita 15:5 From "The Heart of Awareness: A Translation of the Ashtavakra Gita," by Thomas Byrom, 1990. Reprinted from Shambhala Publications, Inc., Boston. www.shambhala.com.
People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes.

-  Abigail Van Buren
Whatever decision we think we are making is actually being made for us, because the decision is the end result of a thought and we have no control over the arising of the thought.

-Ramesh Balsekar Reprinted from "The Wisdom of the Hindu Gurus," edited by Timothy Freke, published by Godsfield Press.