Theosophy Chakras 1696
Theosophy Chakras 1696

Modern Theosophy

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The title of this page is meant in two ways. Firstly it refers to the modern theosophical movement as started by H.P. Blavatsky, H.S. Olcott, W.Q. Judge and others. This movement is modern in the sense that its present form is only one and a quarter century old (speaking in 2000).

The second meaning refers to the content found here as opposed to that found in the Esoteric Studies Guide. There I have focused on the occult side of classical theosophy. Classical theosophy means in this case the theosophy of Blavatsky and her Mahatmas.

In Modern Theosophy I focus on the more general subjects of meditation, parapsychology, the relationship between spiritual teacher and disciple, ethics, inner growth and wisdom, Metaphysics, karma and reincarnation and introductions into theosophy. The writers are from all walks of life, as long as their attitude shows the aims of the Theosophical Societies - whether founders or more modern. There are also narratives, jokes and stories by W.Q. Judge and others - well worth reading is for instance this Christmas Story.

Krishnamurti is one of the authors presented, even though technically he is not part of the theosophical movement. His work has changed the TS-Adyar profoundly though. For that reason excluding him would be folly. 

This internet-site was made under the assumption that theosophical authors do not mind the reproduction of their work, provided that the author and source are properly mentioned. Where I have reproduced from books, I have, where possible, consulted with the author and provided publication details. Where this assumption is incorrect, I will correct my mistakes, when this is made clear to me. 

On this web-site I have published articles which are of interest to me and/or seem to be of interest to my readers. This does not mean I agree with all that is being said. The opinions expressed are the responsibility of their respective authors. Determining factors have been clarity of exposition and originality of thought. This has in many cases been more important than my own private opinion on the subject. I am ignorant on many (if not most) of the subjects here discussed, even though I also have in many cases a clear opinion on them. My opinions can be judged solely by my articles and my contributions to the e-mailgroups which bear my name.  NEW material is welcome. 

April 2012: On my position in the theosophical world and the future of this site.

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