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Theosophical Links

Theosophical sites

The Esoteric Studies Guide
Practical wisdom, mahatmas, masters, chelas and their disciples. (on this website)
Modern Theosophy
Themes like karma, reincarnation, inner growth, ethics and introductions into theosophy - dealt with by a selection of theosophical authors. (on this website)
Theosophical books
Quality selection of books by theosophical authors, on all kinds of subjects.
Theosophy books on Amazon
Top books on Amazon for the search term 'theosophy'. (buying something there through this link sponsors this site)
Theosophy and Related Subjects; theosophical topics in depth  
By the Northwest branch of TS Pasadena. Very worth your browsing while. Organized by themes.
Links to theosophical documents, books etc. all over the web
Growing collection.
Selected Archives of theosophical e-mailgroups.
(on this site)
Ingmar de Boer
Good links and online information in dutch and english on theosophy and astrology.
Schuelers Theosophy page
Includes unique material on how he views the theosophical Monad and letters by James Long to Gerald Schueler.
The exiting world of the Esoteric  
Martin Euser' site on theosophy and other stuff. Probably contains good stuff, but many of the links lack comments - explanations.
Rudy's Home Page  
Theosophical articles on all kinds of subjects.
Theosophy, by Anand Gholap
Online books, mostly by Besant and Leadbeater, but also Blavatsky, Subba Row and others.
Information on Your Life Sentence
Information on Your Life Sentence.
Collation of Theosophical Glossaries 
By Scott J. Osterhage, at the homepage of the Northwest Branch of The Theosophical Society - Pasadena.
Exploring Theosophy 
David Pratt explores the synthesis of science, religion and philosophy. Also information on theosophical history.
Glossary of Theosophical and Sanskrit Terminology [Modern Theosophy] 
Glossary of theosophical terminology, mostly from the Samskrit.
Explores the basic idea of dualism as a condition of limitation. Thought formed when the primal One became aware. Online chat, poems and thought.
Pablo Sender
An archive of his articles for various theosophical magazines. (see also his page on this website). See also his Dzyan Theosophy, which hosts articles about theosophical meditation
The Theosophist Blog
Some young theosophists banding together creating a theosophical weblog.
All Considering spiritual blog
By Katinka Hesselink
Modern Theosophy
Theosophical blog by Katinka Hesselink
Website with a lot of core theosophical information in PDF
Theosophy Wiki
Wiki by and for Theosophists - mainly focussed on classical theosophy (Blavatsky and Mahatmas)
Daily Theosophy
It has been our experience that whatever philosophy one ponders, whatever science one studies, whatever religion one tries to understand, as well as many questions of daily life, theosophical knowledge seems to throw a light.

Theosophical Magazines available online

( E-zines are E lectronic maga ZINES distributed by e-mail)

The Aquarian Theosophist
Newsletter edited by Katinka Hesselink, includes information on Katinka Hesselink Net and her other online ventures.
Sunrise - Theosophical Perspectives
Associated with Theosophical Society (Pasadena)
Theosophy World  
Online Theosophical Magazine - E-zine 
The Theosophist  
The worldwide TS-Adyar publication (the website also includes the magazine Wake Up India, completely online since halfway through 2002)
Quest - Magazine
The TS-Adyar publication from the United States