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Native Americans: links, gifts and book reviews

Native American books on Amazon
The most popular books featured on Amazon about Native Americans.
Native American Date books, Calendars and Planners
In the United States the term Native American refers to the indigenous peoples and their descendants who inhabited the Americas thousands of years before the Europeans discovered the continents of North and South America.
Native American engagement planners
Inspiring planners for pagans and native Americans
Native American books for kids
Children are often fascinated to learn about the First Peoples who lived on the North American continent before the European explorers and settlers arrived and most grade levels have at least one unit of study that covers the history and culture of Native Americans.
Native American Embassy
North and South American Indians: Over a Million Years of Survival - Bridging nations, peoples, traditions, cultures, friendships, religions, spiritualities and more
Native American Spirituality
An overview of Native American spirituality in history and today.
Redhawk's Lodge
Lakota (mistakenly called "Sioux") stories, activism and poems.