Jiddu Krishnamurti quote on Truth

‘You and a friend are walking along the path (…) And as you go along up the path you happen to pick up something ravishingly beautiful, sparkling, a jewel of extraordinary antiquity and beauty. You are so astonished to find it (…) You look at it with great astonishment (… ) You hold it for some time, amazed and silent. Then you put it very carefully in your inside pocket, button it, and are almost frightened that you might lose it or that it might lose its sparkling, shining beauty. And you put your hand outside the pocket that holds it. The other sees you doing this and sees that your face and your eyes have undergone a remarkable change. There is a kind of ecstasy, a speechless wonder, a breathless excitement. When the man asks: ‘What is it that you have found and are so extraordinarily elated by?’ you reply in a very soft, gentle voice (it seems so strange to you to hear your own voice) that you picked up truth. You don’t want to talk about it, your are rather shy; the very talking might destroy it. And the man who is walking beside you is slightly annoyed that you are not communicating with him freely, and he says that if you have found the truth, then let’s do down into the valley and organize it so that others will understand it, so that others will grasp it and perhaps it will help them. You don’t reply, you are sorry that you ever told him about it’.