‘What is a Religious mind?’ From Bulletin 52. 1987

Quotes: What is a Religious Mind?

‘What is a religious mind ... one needs a radical revolution... revolution is synonymous with religion ... I mean a revolution in consciousness ... so that the mind is capable of seeing what is true... this is the way of religion. I think the real, the true religious mind does exist, can exist ... one can discover such a mind for oneself ... a mind that has gone beyond to discover what is true, is the true religious mind. I want to find out, through denial, what is a religious mind ... I feel that through negation one can find out what is true. So, we are going to inquire into what the religious mind is through denial ... surely, to find reality, to find God ... the mind must be alone... a fearless state in which there is no death ... for a mind that is alone there is no death. It is really extraordinary. If you have gone into that thing you discover for yourself that there is no such thing as death. Such a mind knows what destruction is ... destruction is creation ... so for the religious mind there is no time ... it is only the religious mind that can be in a state of creation ... in this creation is beauty ... a religious mind has this beauty which is not the appreciation of nature, the lovely mountains and the roaring stream ... a different beauty with which goes love... you cannot separate beauty and love ... and with them is passion... one cannot go far without passion ... beauty can only be there when there is passion. The religious mind, being in this state, has a peculiar quality of strength ... so, the religious mind does exist ... it is apart from all human endeavours ... therefore a religious mind can receive that which is not measurable by the brain ... that thing is unnameable ... to live in this state is the true religious mind’.

How is the religious mind or the new mind to come into being? Will you have a system, a method? Through a method - a method being a system, a practice, a repetitive thing day after day? Will a method produce a new mind? …Surely, a method implies a continuity of a practice, directed along a certain line towards a certain result - which is to acquire a mechanical habit, and through that mechanical habit to realize a mind which is not mechanical....

When you say, 'discipline', all discipline is based on a method according to a certain pattern; and the pattern promises you a result which is predetermined by a mind which has already a belief, which has already taken a position. So, will a method, in the widest or the narrowest sense of that word, bring about this new mind? If it does not, then method as habit must go completely, because it is false. …Method only conditions the mind according to the result which is desired. You have to discard all the mechanical processes of the mind. …The mind must discard all the mechanical processes of thought. So, the idea that a method, a system, a discipline, a continuity of habit will bring about this mind is not true. So, all that is to be discarded totally as being mechanical. A mind that is mechanical is a traditional mind; it cannot meet life, which is non mechanical; so, the method is to be put aside.