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The Kitchen Chronicles: 1001 Lunches with J.Krishnamurti

J. Krishnamurthy telling a joke...

[This joke needs a bit of introduction. The year was 1983, when India's independence from Britain was apparently still alive enough to tell a joke about it. The independence came in 1947.]

“An American multimillionaire who lives in England wants to become a proper, perfect English gentleman. So he goes to Huntsman on Savile  Row and has a dozen of the best suits made for him, complete with Jaquet ties and topcoats. Then he asks the tailor to refer him to the best shoemaker. ‘Why, sir, just next door, there is Loeb’s.’ He goes there, has his feet measured, and orders a dozen of the most beautiful, handmade shoes. When he asks for the best place to buy a cane and a umbrella, they send him next door. Proceeding from one shop to the next, he is gradually outfitted with the best of everything, looking every inch the perfect English gentleman. The next time he goes to see his tailor for some alterations, he has his Rolls-Royce pull in front of the shop. The tailor, with whom he has become good friends—they’re in the same club and so on—immediately notices that he is in a horrible state, very depressed and gloomy. So the tailor asks the American, ‘What’s the matter, sir? You look as if something dreadful has just happened.’ ‘Yes, I really feel terrible. I can’t get over it,’ sighs the rich man. ‘But why, sir?’ exclaims the tailor. ‘You’ve got the very best of everything: excellent car, best clothes and shoes, umbrella, gloves et cetera. You look every inch the perfect English gentleman. How could you possibly feel depressed?’ By now, the American is almost in tears. ‘Because we’ve lost India.’”