Pg. 27
The Kitchen Chronicles: 1001 Lunches with J. Krishnamurti.

Krishnamurti telling a joke...

A young man leaves home to look for truth. He goes to a well-known guru who lives on the banks of the river. 'Please, sir,' he says to the old man, 'allow me to stay with you. I want to learn the truth from you.' And the guru agrees. And so he washes his clothes, cooks for him, and performs all kinds of tasks for the old teacher. After five years, he says to the master, 'I've spent five years with you but I still don't know the what the truth is and haven't learned a thing. So if you don't mind , I'll leave you. Perhaps I can find another teacher, from whom I can learn more about the truth.' 'I don't mind,' says the old man, 'go right ahead.' So the young chap goes off and finds several other gurus, from whom he learns various magic tricks. After another five years have passed, he remembers his old teacher and goes to visit him. 'So what have you learned?' the old man asks him. And his former student tells him that he can walk on hot coals, levitate and so on. 'Is that all?' the guru asks. The young man points at the river in front of them and says proudly, 'And I can walk on the waters of that river to the opposite shore.' 'And it took you five years to learn that,' the old master exclaims, 'when over there, fifty yards from here, you can take the ferry boat across for twopence!'