Pg 98-99
The Kitchen Chronicles: 1001 Lunches with J. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti telling a joke...

Krishnamurti raised his hand, “That reminds me of a joke I heard recently. This happens to be the Kremlin in Moscow, the seat of supreme power. Every morning the captain of the guard enters the bedroom of Chairman Brezhnev, carrying his breakfast on a tray, with a copy of the Pravda newspaper. He pulls back the curtains from the large window overlooking Red Square, gives a smart salute and briefs the Chairman on the latest developments in the world. At the end of it, Brezhnev says, ‘All right, Comrade, is that all?’ The adjutant hesitates, ‘Well, Comrade Chairman, there is one thing: there is a large crowd outside in Red Square, and they seem to be picnicking.’ Brezhnev responds magnanimously, ‘It’s a lovely morning, and the sun is shining; let the workers enjoy themselves for once.’ The adjutant salutes and leaves.” Each time he mentioned the adjutant, Krishnamurti raised his hand to his forehead, imitating the officer’s snappy salute. “The next morning it’s the same routine: breakfast, newspaper, curtains back salute, report on the latest events, and so on. And Brezhnev asks, ‘Is there anything else I should know?’ The captain say, ‘Yes, Comrade Chairman, there is an even larger crowd out there in Red Square, perhaps a hundred thousand of them, and they seem to be picnicking.’ ‘Let them, let them,’ replies the Chairman. ‘On a sunny morning like this, the proletarian masses should enjoy themselves a bit.’ The adjutant gives the salute and trots off. The next morning, the same thing again. ‘Is there anything else?’ Brezhnev asks at the end of it. And when the chaps starts, pointing down the Red Square, the Chairman laughingly raises his hand and stops him, ‘All right Comrade, I think I know exactly what you are going to tell me: on this lovely morning there is a large crowd of a million people down there in Red Square, and they are having a picnic. Am I right?’ ‘Yes, you are right, Comrade Chairman,’ answers the adjutant. ‘But there is one thing: they are all eating with chopsticks.’”