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International Self-preparation Group

Hints to Members

It often happens to members, on reading the Messages, get the mistaken idea that they come straight from the very Highest. This of course is not so.
When, for instance, I wrote some months ago about diet, I indicated what I thought was right; I carefully said, that the suggestions made suited me and were certainly not intended as hard and fast rules for others. Yet, when I was in America and took a weak cup of coffee, one of the members said "What! You drink coffee, when you told us we must not do so?" If people will not use their common-sense, absurd difficulties are bound to arise.
They should not blindly follow anything that anybody says, it does not matter who it its. If they think a thing is wrong, let them not do it, and if they think it is right, let them do it. What the Teacher requires of us is, that we should be sanely independent, that we should act on our own judgement and be leaders in our turn, instead of mere followers.
By following blindly we are apt to create a new religion or sect and that is the last thing we desire.
In my Messages I try to express my own ideas, my own particular way of looking at life, and they may be the Master's words or they may not; in this respect members must use their own judgement.
My Messages are only meant to serve as a guide along the road, but they are certainly not the Path itself. You must yourselves become the Path, before you can really tread it.

J. Krishnamurti

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