Order of the Star
in the East


International Self-preparation Group

The Ideal

I intend this Group to be entirely composed of those who have but ONE desire, ONE thought, and ONE purpose in life - to tread the noble Path that leads to glorious Enlightenment and perfect Peace. They must be prepared to sacrifice themselves utterly for their idealism and to attain their goal at all costs, irrespective of everybody and everything. They must be prepared to give up their petty personalities for the great work and to carry out in their daily life the teachings and the knowledge that they may obtain in years to come. Their purpose in life must be to become perfect by following the Plan laid down by God for Humanity and to achieve that perfection as soon as possible. Their whole life, their entire energy, their utter devotion, however small or great, must be consecrated at the altar of sacrifice and to the Master.

J. Krishnamurti

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