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International Self-preparation Group

The Purpose of the Group

The Order of the Star in the East is now entering upon quite a new phase. Since the Star Day of December 28th, 1925, the Order has come definitely into closer touch with the mighty force of spirituality which is behind our movement.
     When the World teacher is with us, humanity will be divided into two classes, those who will follow rapidly along the mighty Path which the Teacher will point out, and those who will idle away the precious years in the slow waters of normal evolution. This division of the people has occurred whenever a mighty Teacher has appeared in the world. When the Lord Buddha was with us. His power and His teachings divided India into two such classes. When Christ appeared in Palestine, there were two such divisions of the Jews. It is but a natural classification, and when the World Teacher is with us once more, this will occur again.
     Even within the Order itself there will be such a differentiation. Hence the members must NOW decide which path they will follow. For those who will follow the swift and exacting path, we have established an International Self-Preparation Group, the purpose of which is to prepare the members to understand the teachings of the Lord and to cooperate with Him. Above all, this Group exists for the sole purpose of training the members to put into practise the teachings that we have already at our disposal.
     Now I want to emphasise one very important point concerning the Group. It is our intention that it should be, throughout the world, a magnificent success, worthy of our ideals, and an instrument suitable for the Teacher to use. To assure ourselves of this, I ask the members in all sincerity, not to join the Self-Preparation Group unless they desire earnestly and honestly to help and co-operate with those who "mean business". I would therefore earnestly beg them not to make the Group futile and ineffective.
     The Group is but one among the many ways of preparing the world for the Teacher. Hence there is NO compulsion whatsoever for any member of the Order to join it. The Star is so wide in its attitude and its outlook, that it can embrace all kinds of activities and be friendly towards them all. So members who do not like the Group and its underlying principles, can work along other and equally important channels that will be used by the Teacher. Hence no member should adopt an intolerant attitude towards any of his fellowmembers who may be working along different lines.
     I would beg those who want to become members, to make up their minds BEFORE they join the Group and NOT AFTER. We want to have in the Group only those who have decided, at all costs, to follow the swift and exacting Path. I want to point out that those who join the Group bear a great responsibility and this responsibility always abides with them, for on each one of the members depends our success and our usefulness. So, friends, I would urge on you all the great importance of the Group; please do not join merely out of curiosity, for we mean business. The work is of the utmost importance and as individuals, with our troublesome personalities, we are of no consequence in the eyes of the Master. With this fact made absolutely clear to ourselves, let us proceed; and we should not forget this truth at any time, however high or low our condition may be.
     I am quite convinced that the blessing of the Teacher abides always with those who make a sincere and honest attempt. The great Being is the absolute judge and HE judges according to the service and the love we extend towards humanity.

J. Krishnamurti

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