Copyright statement

Katinka Hesselink, 2003

The material on this website is usually copyright protected. This means I am willingly and knowingly skirting the borders of the law. In my opinion spiritual information should be free, where production cost is nill. In an ideal society the rich would pay for the production of books so that everybody can study that spiritual literature they are ready for, without cost being an issue. Since production is virtually for free online (I do pay a monthly fee), it is only right that my readers read for free. Still, by publishing articles and quotes on this website, I don't only make that choice for myself, I make it for those who wrote the material I publish.

No writer has yet complained of this. Still lawsuits have been fought and are being fought over this precise issue. See for instance:

A Course in Miracles - copyright issues, history and courtcase

The only argument that supports the strict interpretation of copyright law is that which rules our society: money. Yet precisely in matters of knowledge and especially spirituality, fighting for money will not help humanity at all. Examples of this are legion. They can be found in the field of medicine as well. But especially where material of highly ethical and spiritual worth, counseling selflessness and forgiveness and kindness are concerned the attitude of limiting the right to reproduce, stings the most.

What's left to say is my practical policy on this website.

  1. I mention the source of quotes and articles where I know it.
  2. I consult with the author of articles where I can find them. I consider them copyright holders, not their publishers. I don't care what the law says on this.
  3. Where I can't find the author, or he or she is dead, I assume they would not mind their material reaching a wider audience. 
  4. When people reproduce my articles, I don't mind, I do ask to be informed and that my name be mentioned as well as their source (this website or any magazine they may have been published in).