Myspace Style Tags Explained

An explanation of the style tags used in myspace profiles

Anybody who has changed their myspace profile to have a different background-color or image, has the following code in their profile on

....... [all kinds of CSS giberish that will partly be explained here]


<style type="text/css">

These two things mean the same thing. It actually doesn't matter which you use. Now if you want to add a line to that, for instance to automatically get all images on a new line and center them, the following should help you avoid disaster:

  1. Copy all your present style-codes into a text-editor like wordpad (in windows under bureau-accessories) and save. So in case you mess up, you can go back to how it was.
  2. If you add a new line immediately after <style> or <style type="text/css"> (whichever you have), it will not mess up anything. 
  3. If that didn't work, some of your other code is interfering. Try copying the line immediately before the closing style-tag: </style>


The second type of style-tag I discussed: <style type="text/ css "> has the letters CSS in there. This is because the language used for changing the look of your profile is called CSS. The profile itself is in another coding language: HTML. The more you learn about CSS, the easier formatting your profile will become. And yes, that will take some work.