Color in your myspace profile

How to...

Adding styling codes to your myspace profile is a good idea, but make sure you make NO spelling mistakes - if you do, it will not work!

The standard myspace look is a bit drab and if you don't want someone else to design your profile for you, you can at least put a bit of your own sense of color in there. 

You start with putting style tags in your about me: section ( if you didn't already have them ):

<style type="text/css">


for any element you want to style (more about that later) you can style the color of the letters and the background color with the following code:

<style type="text/css">

element { color: black; background-color: white;}


Color: black gives you a black letter. Background-color: white gives you a white background. These are too obvious for most profiles, but you can pick other colors.

So what are the elements? (to complicate things, they are also called tags in some circumstances ) These are the most useful ones. See my links for more. 


This is the whole myspace page. You don't need to set a color for this. The background-color you set here is literally the background color to everything else.

td td td

This is all the blocks on your myspace profile. You can use this if you want these to have another color than the background color set for 'body'. If you want the boxes to look like they have the same color as the background, you set this to transparent or to the color you also give body.


"About Me", "Who I'd Like to Meet", "XX's friend space". In other words: some of the headings.


"contacting XX", and "XX's Interest" - more headings


your name above your profile picture

a:link, a:visited 

Any links you have on your myspace page, including ones myspace puts in.


XX is in your Extended Network


"XX's Latest Blog Entry" and "XX has XX Friends"

Just one example. Lets say you want to make your headings have a black background and a white letter:

.orangetext15 , .whitetext12 { background: black; color: white}