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Charging all myspace members 22.50 a month?

Katinka Hesselink October 2nd 2006

Hi all, you perhaps read the following:

My space 2 coming soon Tom is in debt..... Payin for My Space The rumor is true. with all the fines and licenses tom has become in debt. n addition tom needs to clear the overly crowded site. We apoligize fot the let down, but starting January 6 , 2007. My space members will be charged 22.50 per month But there is something you can do . A petition, we will track this bulletin , And for Everyone who reposts it will recieve a code for the first two years of My Space 2 Free. This is no joke. We have tried our hardest to keep this from happening. My space 2 coming January 6, 2007 to get the free code, repost this bulletin as " My Space 2 " and look in your message box within a week.

This is highly unlikely as the biggest asset myspace has, is its millions of users. Alienating the majority of those - the ones not willing to pay - is about the stupidest thing they could do. 'Tom' or Tom Anderson sold Myspace in July 2005 for $580 million to Fox media. So the Tom you have on your profile (or not) is really just a picture on your computer screen.Myspace recently landed a lucrative deal with google over advertising, so it is unlikely that Fox Media has difficulty keeping Myspace lucrative.

If the above were true, they would have it up on the front page of myspace. What they really could do would be to develop extras that only paying members would have access to for say 22.50 a year. I would personally like to be able to see which friend requests were approved recently - for instance. Not sure I'd pay for it, but some people probably would.

Myspace works mainly because a lot of people are on it. It is interesting for spammers because lots of people are on it. There is no way that Myspace would benefit from 'clearing the overly crowded site'. 

To close this off, here is what myspace had to say on October the 16th 2006:

Latest Update:
hey everyone - got lots of email today asking if myspace was going to charge or shut down. we are not shutting down and we are not charging.