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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Blogs and resources

SEO Book
Great posts on SEO and marketing. Clears up basic misconceptions many people have.
Bruce Clay
Community blog that reported fast and very well on the recent (2006) SEO conference. They have a nice personal touch with some great women bloggers. 
Google blog
Official google news. 
Google webmaster central
Official google news specifically for webmasters.
Matt Cutts
Unofficial google SEO blog. Matt Cutts is a googler that blogs about SEO and google a lot. A reasonably impartial voice from inside google. He also blogs on other stuff like gadgets and programming a lot. I subscribe to the SEO/Google feed specifically.
Search Engine Land
Great blog on SEO. If you are only going to read one, read this one. 
Search Engine Round Table
Good blog on what's live at the various SEO related fora.
Yahoo search blog
Official yahoo! search engine blog. They are pretty good at keeping the webmaster community informed on changes in their search engine algorithms.
SEO-Chat Pagerank research
Check the pagerank of your competition in the google-serps.