3 HTML & CSS tips for myspace - 

The languages that you can use in Myspace for your profile, in your bulletin, in blogs and in forum posts

Myspace -  www.myspace.com - is an online networking website where the users are allowed to use classic web-techniques to enhence almost any part of their contributions to the website. This means that HTML and CSS work fine on most parts of the website. CSS is the language that determines how your profile looks. If you've changed the look of your profile you have used CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). If you have put links and pictures in bulletins or in blogs or in forum posts, you've used HTML. 

The following are three HTML and CSS tips that make it easier to look good on myspace:

0) Make sure you code precisely

Spelling mistakes in the codes themselves will prevent them from working. If you are not sure: copy and paste .

1) links

<a href="http://www.website.com"> text of link </a>

This works everywhere in myspace: profile, bulletin, blog and forum. Depending on the settings of your friends, it even works in comments. If a friend has set their comments to be without HTML, that means the above doesn't work and you should avoid trying to make links, and just settle for giving the URL : http://www.website.com

2) pictures

<img src="http://www.website.com/banner.jpg" border="0">

You can find the URL of any picture (http://www.website.com/banner.jpg) by rightclicking on your mouse and choosing 'display picture' or something. Then you look at the bar at the top of the browser and find the URL.

It is bad form to do this with any website that doesn't explicitly give you permission to do so. For instance, I give permission to use my spiritual banners - and also provide the code you need. I don't give permission to use any other pictures you may find on my website.

3) headings

<h1> large heading </h1>
<h2> somewhat smaller heading </h2>
<h3> normal heading </h3>
<h4> small heading </h4>

Headings work in your profile and in your blog. In your blog you don't need to style them, that will be done for you.

Styling headings in your profile is somewhat more difficult. You start with the style -tags you probably already put in your profile:

<style type="text/css">


Any formatting you want should go between those two tags. These tags are placed in the ' about me: ' section. They will not show up on your profile. 

So let's say you want to style your headings yellow with a black background, you would do the following:

<style type="text/css">
h1, h2, h3, h4 { color: yellow; background-color: black;}

Choose colors