Some hard to find material on the Judge Case

Navigation isn't easy, since the titles do not have separate links. To get around, type the first page number of each document in the page number window or keep scrolling down. Here's the list:

1) The Theosophical Society and the Westminster Gazette, by Annie Besant and Bertram Keigthley (pages 69-84)

2) The Neutrality of the Theosophical Society: An Inquiry into Certain Charges against the Vice-President, held in London, July 1894, with an appendix [statements by Besant and Judge] (pages 85-100)

3) To All Members of the Theosophical Society: Charges against William Q. Judge, March 15, 1894 (by Judge, pages 101-104).

4) To Students of Occultism: Occultism and Truth. [Statement signed by Olcott, Sinnett, Besant, Bertram Keightley, W. Wynn Wescott, E. T. Sturdy, and C. W. Leadbeater] (pages 105-107, complete, though with one blank page inserted).

5) H.P.B and the Present Crisis in the Theosophical Society, by Constance Wachmeister [includes references to comments made to Wachmeister by HPB on Besant and Judge] (pages 109-120).

Provided by Kurt Leland (February 2011)
Quotes by George William Russell